Does Byron Scott Need a Visit From Supernanny? (VIDEO)

byron scottLast night, Byron Scott, coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, threw a fit at halftime. After the game, according to reports, he was so mad he kept the locker room doors shut for 30 minutes ... while he threw another tantrum.

Fits? Tantrums? If my kiddo throws a fit, she gets a time-out (after a warning of course, thank you, Supernanny).

Methinks Byron needs to go sit in the naughty chair.


This was the 26th loss in a row for his team, tying the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the longest stretch of losses. Um, yeah, not for just basketball, but longest losing streak for any pro sports team.

Okay, his team is really bad. Sure, he's been dealing with constant trade rumors of his star Carmelo Anthony. But is that an excuse to throw a tantrum? No. It isn't. We don't allow our toddlers to do it at home and Byron is doing it at work. Hell, if I threw a fit at my workplace, I wouldn't just get a time-out, I'd be fired.

Here's some advice, Coach (what I tell my 3-year-old): Take a few deep breaths, use words to explain your big feelings (okay, he did say he was "mad as hell"), take a few more deep breaths, and then hug.

Anyone willing to give Byron a hug? 'Melo? Daniel Gibson? Anyone?

What do you think of Coach Scott's fit?

Image via NBA

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