David Beckham Proves There Are Good Guys in Sports

david beckhamIs there anything David Beckham isn’t good at? He’s an amazing soccer player. He doesn’t cheat. He loves his wife. He’s great with his kids. And he’s REALLY good at being good looking, that’s obvious. He’s also really good at being ... good. Guess who was the first person to stop and help a gentleman whose car had broken down on the streets of Hertfordshire in England?

Yep. David Beckham.

What’s so special about that, you ask?


How many super-famous people would stop what they’re doing to help out a stranded motorist? Most cops won’t even do that -- you see them all the time, driving right on by without so much as a brake check. It’s rare that anyone stops to help out. We’ve all done it, driven right by the guy struggling to change his tire. Whether out of fear for our safety or sheer self-absorption, we just don’t help.

But David Beckham did and that makes him a standout -- and not just amongst us regular folk. He’s especially a standout in the sports world, which seems to be entirely bereft of good role models lately. Guys are hooking up with teenagers, killing dogs, doing drugs ... there are very few in the sports world that we can look to anymore as role models.

Becks is one of the few guys we can point to our kids and say, “Don’t you want to be like him when you grow up?” He embodies all our greatest ideals, and then some. Our kids should want to stop and help people on the side of the road. They should want to have loving families who value togetherness and faithfulness. They should grow up knowing that having money, fame, and power doesn’t mean you have to be an ass. They should get to have heroes again, people like David Beckham, who have it all and still give back.

What do you think of David Beckham as a role model?


Image via friskytuna/Flickr

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