I Can't Believe Greedy Fans Sue NFL for $5 Million

cowboys stadiumThe Super Bowl was only a few days ago, but it feels like it's been forever. I can't even remember who won! Must be the massive Super Bowl-sized hangover that killed all my wee little brain cells.

The NFL is suffering from a Super Bowl hangover too, as their headache intensifies over the seating debacle that left some fans without a place to sit. One thousand of the fans have joined forces and filed a lawsuit against the NFL claiming breach of contract, fraud, and deceptive sales practices.

OK, yes. The 1,250 fans who paid for tickets and didn't receive a seat deserve retribution. And the NFL has offered up super sweet apology packages, so do we really need to drag lawyers into this?


The lawsuit is worth $5 million in damages and a yet unknown sum in punitive damages. So $5 million, divided by 1,000 people, minus the legal fees, plus a few years of waiting, equals not that great of a deal. Less than $5,000 a person I would guess.

The NFL had two solutions when it came to righting their wrong. Option one: the unseated fan gets tickets to next year's Super Bowl and three times the face value of their original ticket: $2,400. Or option two: the unseated fan gets a ticket to any Super Bowl in the future, plus round-trip air-fare and hotel accommodations for the week of the game.

I am not a litigious person. I don't really see the point in this lawsuit. I want the displaced fans to quit their whining already and look at the bright side. Those retribution packages are pretty sweet. Oh, and the NFL found seats for 800 of the 1,250 who originally were seat-less. So only 400 people should be on the lawsuit, IMHO. The other 800 just seem greedy.

What do you think the displaced fans deserve?

Photo via David Jones/Flickr

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