Apple Hurries iPad 3 to Shut Down TouchPad?

iPad 3While the release date for the iPad 2 is still a few weeks away, rumors of the iPad 3 are already circulating around the web today. There is nothing concrete on the iPad 3 situation, except speculation that the third generation Apple tablet could launch as soon as September.

But if it's true, why? Why is Apple bothering with the iPad 2, if they're just going to put out a newer, better version within four months?

Well, there's really only one logical reason: The HP TouchPad. HP's tablet is set to come out this summer and it looks exactly like Apple's version, that is, except for the HP logo.

Well Apple, let me tell you something. If this is true -- you're being ridiculous.


Apple has a following of loyal customers, myself being one of them. When new products are announced, we run to the web to see the latest demos. We save up for the aforementioned items and show them off to our friends, who in turn call us "high tech" and "so with it."

Um, Apple ... how am I supposed to be the cool techy friend when you're constantly releasing the new biggest thing? If the iPad rumors turn out to be true -- then personally, I'd be hardcore pissed if I bought the iPad 2 in April. Why would I want anything to do with a version that's not the best one out there? And how in the world am I going to save up money to have both!?

Many interested customers are already holding off on purchasing the iPad until the second generation is released, simply because of the updated features. What features? Well there have been a few rumblings that the iPad 2 will have a forward- and rear-facing 2-megapixel camera and a retina display, similar to the iPhone 4. Not to mention, the iPad 2 will be lighter and thinner. The rough truth is that all of these attributes will only improve on the third version.

There are so many questions to be asked. Apple, have you forgotten about your customers in the heat of competition? Does customer satisfaction matter to you? And more importantly -- have you looked at who you're competing with? Sorry to say, but HP is not and never will be as reliable as the product that Apple puts out.

This HP tablet is definitely not a reason to rush a new model of the iPad. Especially so close to the second generation release. Come on, we both know you're better than that.

What do you think about the iPad 3 rumors?

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