'Bachelor' Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Photo Shoot Sounds Like a Nightmare (VIDEO)

Self-exploitation and The Bachelor seem to go hand-in-hand. (Come on, even if you're a fan, you have to admit it's pretty much about whoring yourself out for 15 seconds of fame and the shot at a pseudo-spouse.) That's why it's not all that surprising that a trio of ladies on the current season will accompany bachelor Brad Womack in a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue.

Next week's episode, which fittingly airs on Valentine's Day, will follow Brad and the six remaining contestants to Anguilla, where three of the ladies (Ashley Hebert, Chantal O'Brien, and Michelle Money) will participate in the SI photo shoot. In brilliant modern cross-promo style, the issue hits stands the next day (February 15). 


In the preview clip (below), Brad seems to think he can make up for his recent bad behavior by treating the three ladies to "something millions of women dream about doing." Apparently, we all sit around wishing we were Brooklyn Decker?

I have news for Brad: Most of us DREAD wearing bikinis, especially when we haven't had fair warning. Being woken up at the crack of dawn and then told that I would need to get into makeup and "wardrobe" (consisting of itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikinis) so I could be photographed for a national men's magazine ... without forewarning ... would not be a dream come true. It would be a NIGHTMARE. I'm not condoning most of our neurotic body image issues, but they are a reality for most women.

Case in point: Even though all of these Bachelor chicas are SI swimsuit issue-caliber gorgeous, they said they ended up feeling a bit the way I think any woman would -- self-conscious, out of their comfort zones, etc. Still, they ended up looking like they had a LOT of fun, and the pictures are sure to be gorgeous.

You know what? Good for them! I don't know if rolling around topless in wet sand will win them Brad, but if nothing else, the consolation prize of having millions of men drool over their glossy photo spreads is kinda hot.

Check out the the preview for the upcoming episode ... Do you dream about appearing in the SI swimsuit issue?

Image via Sports Illustrated magazine

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