'Hellcats' Cheerleader Initiation Rituals: Reason #533 Your Daughter Should NOT Be a Cheerleader (VIDEO)

hellcatsApparently, on tonight's episode of Hellcats on the CW, one of the cheerleaders will get initiated into the squad.

Cheerleader initiation? Huh?

Well, I've read up on what some cheerleading squads do to their new squadmates. Think humilation of wearing trash bags as you act as the servant for older members. Think happenings at secret locations ... this mama doesn't even want to think what else.

Ergo (yup, just used ergo, people, and that means I'm serious), I've added "initiation crap" as Reason #533 on my list.

What list, you ask? The list of reasons why I never want my daughter to be a cheerleader.

What else is on there?


Number one, numero uno is the fact that cheerleading is the leading cause of catastrophic injury for young female athletes -- and, yes, I firmly believe cheerleaders are athletes. Consumer Product Safety Commission info says injuries from cheerleading accidents have gone from nearly 5,000 in 1980 to 26,000-28,000 in recent years.

But, those stats aside, you've got #32: The creepy, middle-aged dads ogling them from the stands. Then there's #49: The cheers. Those really repetitive cheers that will forever be stuck in my brain long after she goes off to college.

And #79: Hair bows. Many squads require hair bows. I hate hair bows.

Do you cheer or boo for cheerleaders?


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