Confession App Can Guess Your Every Last Sin

Are you a sinner? Don't worry -- there's Confession: The Roman Catholic App for that! The $1.99 app was created to "invite Catholics to engage in their faith through digital technology," or so says the company that designed it. The Roman Catholic Church has OK'ed it, and many priests seem to be all for it, arguing that it will make the sacrament of confession more accessible to many Catholics. But, sorry, it doesn't mean you can opt out of church. Unlike a priest, the app can't offer absolution.

So, I guess the app is just like a pre-game show? Oh, right, and it can also GUESS YOUR SINS ...


Yup. The Confession app is so intuitive that it can help you figure out what your real sins ARE, by taking you through an "Examination of Conscience." In other words, it's like a digital version of a guilt-tripping mother? (I could just see what mine would say: "Forgive me -- I have sinned by neglecting to return your text messages, including that gentle 'reminder' that you folded my laundry and that other one about how you'd like to come over for dinner!")

Actually, one "inventive, age-appropriate" sin suggestion given for teens is "I think my cousin is hot, but I'd never go there because it's socially unacceptable ..." Crrrrrriiiiiingggeeeee.

The app also has a guide that takes users through the format and prayers used in confession ... in case you're a socially awkward or total newbie Catholic?

While I'm all for anything that helps people feel mentally and spiritually cleansed, it just seems ridiculous that some of us need an app to get there.

I confess (ha ha): I'm Jewish. But we wipe the old slate clean on Yom Kippur, aka The Day of Atonement. Personally, when it's time for me to repent for my sins, I just don't think my iPhone is the right place for me to do it. I could see the process being much more productive and spiritual if it was spent AWAY from a screen. I feel like there's something to be said for getting in touch with your spiritual side alongside a religious leader, a congregation, and especially alone, when you're forced to contend with your own thoughts and feelings.

But hey, maybe I'm just too old school. And when it comes to religion, I've always said, "To each their own." If your smartphone's the best way for you to connect with a higher power, well then, by all means, have at it!

What are your thoughts on the Confession app?

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