Aaron Rodgers Letterman Appearance Will Make for Awkward Locker Room Moments (VIDEO)

aaron rodgersAaron Rodgers went on Letterman Monday night and accidentally blasted his coach, his teammates, and the fans. Oops!

First things first though. Rodgers is 27 years old going on 95. He is such a grandpa! Loosen up, A-Rodg. You're the Super Bowl MVP. Smile. Wave to the crowd. Throw money in the air while jumping on your hotel mattress after banging Jessica Szohr, will ya? Cheese. I feel like you need a stiff drink.

Actually, I take back that drink part. Because, uh, he's kinda loose-lipped. Guess the media coaching hasn't really sunk in yet. We don't need him all boozed up and blabbing about the plays in press conferences, so second thought, no drinks for Rodgers. Last night was bad enough.


He started the interview with a little dig to Coach Mike McCarthy's play calling. "Mike likes to repeat some calls sometimes, especially if they work ... 'Not this one again!'"

Boom. Mike. Diss. Now I don't think Rodgers meant it to be a jab, but his tone and facial expressions made it seem like he was playfully bored with the plays he was told to run.

But Rodgers was on a roll and couldn't stop himself. After explaining to Letterman that his teammates don't always know what route to run, he continues that the special teams squad makes him nervous.

I'm a little bit worried about our special teams. Every time we kick off I kind of hold my breath. It's just too many bad memories of us taking control of the momentum and then losing it with a kick-off return and you know it just seems to happen at times.

What's that sound a cat makes when it claws at something? Rrrear? I wonder what the special teams has to say about this. There's going to be some awkward locker room moments coming up, I can feel it.

What do you think of Rodger's appearance on Letterman?

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