Google Logo Today: Take the Doodle for a Test Dive

Today the Google logo has been transformed into an interesting bit of interactive fun. It's a design to commemorate Jules Verne, the author who wrote Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Verne was born today, February 8, 183 years ago.

Google often uses their logo to celebrate an event, but this one's a little different: if you visit the Google homepage today, you will see the new design, which simulates the brass-plated portcullises of Captain Nemo’s Nautilus. See the lever to the right? You can actually use that to steer your "submarine." Those of you with an iPhone or iPad, just tilt your device to move the vessel and see what creatures are lurking in the waters.

Dude. Cooooooooool.


Google Doodler Jennifer Horn says Verne was someone who sparked her imagination as a child:

"His stories pull the readers into a world filled with infinite potential -- be it in the clouds, on land, or under the sea."

She says that today's doodle "tries to capture that sense of adventure and exploration." With a little help from CSS3 and your device's built-in accelerometer, a simple logo doodle underscores the power of imagination exploration, while also showing off some very cool technology.

Well played, Google.

What do you think of today's logo? Did you find the giant squid?

Image via Google

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