Dallas Is Treating Michael Vick Like a Dog

Michael VickDallas is such a confused city. The Super Bowl is in town, and you have the opportunity to hand over a key to the city to make a big splash on the national scene. So you pick Michael Vick. And now you don't have the wherewithal to back it up.

When Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway rolled out the red carpet and handed over the key to the Eagles quarterback on Saturday, he officially offered up the most ridiculous thing to come out of the whole Super Bowl XLV weekend extravaganza. And here we thought it was impossible to top Christina Aguilera's national anthem flub, the farce that was people fawning over the Eminem Chrysler ad, the $450,000 in taxpayer dollars spent on Navy F-18s flying over the closed roof of Cowboys Stadium ... need we go on?


Among other things, Vick is a guy who has never played for a Dallas team. He's a guy who is actually a Cowboys rival. A guy who has nothing to do with the biggest game of the year. Oh yeah, and Vick was the guy who just happened to be in town because he was a major screw-up a few years back and is now trying to make good by giving talks to kids around the country about dog fighting. Just off the top of my head I can think of a host of better candidates for the key: Game MVP Aaron Rodgers maybe? Hall of Famer and Lombardi Trophy presenter Roger Staubach, who actually played in Dallas?

It's a no brainer that animal rights advocates and just about anyone with a brain is asking: what were Dallas officials smoking this weekend?

But here's where it gets really weird. Mayor Tom Leppert now says he knew nothing of the key ceremony, and since he didn't hand it over, it never really happened. Well, not officially, because everyone knows it's the mayor who hands over big keys that don't actually fit any doors in a city. Der!

OK, maybe it's possible the mayor was so busy this weekend (can't imagine what he was doing ...?) that he missed this. But the media knew enough to show up. There's even a member of the Dallas press who got a viral video out of it. Richard Hunter adopted one of Vick's dogs, and he made a point to show up at the key ceremony to see if he could confront Vick about the pup. So how does the mayor of a city not know what's going on when the rest of the country does?

And how is it that the councilman has given out "official keys" before, and Leppert hasn't said anything? Gene Simmons got one from Caraway a few weeks ago, even making the long tongued one a "citizen of Dallas," and Leppert didn't say a word.

Michael Vick has made his mistakes -- as a Virginia Tech fan, I have my own issues with him. But Dallas officials pulled him into this mess. The least they can do is take the brunt of it.

Dallas made a big boo boo this weekend. But why can't they just suck it up and take the blame?


Image via Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com/Flickr

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