Aaron Rodgers 'Wins' WWE Belt for a Super Bowl Game?

aaron rodgers beltWere you watching the post-game party last night wondering why Aaron Rodgers had a gold belt draped over his shoulder as he celebrated his Super Bowl win?

Me too. After a little Googleuthing, I find out it was a replica of a WWE heavyweight championship belt.

What? Does Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers have some wrestling past I'm not aware of? No, but he is known for doing a move that looks like he's putting a belt around his waist after a big play. Check out the move here:


I guess people were taking bets if he would do this move during the Super Bowl. Rodgers was on stage, about to accept the MVP award, when linebacker Clay Matthews surprised him with the belt.

So, Aaron Rodgers gets a gold belt and a Super Bowl ring? How cute! These big tough guys are into accessories! You have to wonder what's next? Emerald cuff links in the shape of a football? A lovely green tote with matching gold scarf (Packer colors, of course)? I remember the old days when champions were into nabbing the Wheaties box cover not a shiny bauble.

Oh, I kid. But it got me thinking. If every time I do the dishes or get the kids fed something somewhat nutritious, I dance around the living room and pretend to put on a diamond necklace, do you think I'll get one? Valentine's Day is around the corner.

What did you think of Aaron Rodgers' belt?

Image via Al Bello/Getty

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