Highest Super Bowl Ticket Price? Your Girlfriend

super bowl rings'Tis the weekend of sports fans doing stupid things in the name of football. But whatever idiocy you have up your sleeves for Super Bowl Sunday, you can forget making the history books. You are about to be topped in the biggest bonehead in the NFL fanship department.

Because somewhere in Dallas is a man on the search for Super Bowl tickets. But unlike the men wandering aimlessly outside Cowboys Stadium with a few dollars and a dream, this anonymous Craigslist user is willing to make you a real deal. Give him two tickets; he'll give you a whole night with his girlfriend!


Lest you think this is the pimp's Craigslist user's way of getting free tix, he says he'll kick in a whole $1 to the deal. Perhaps that's the handling charge? It's cheaper than Ticketmaster anyway.

Yes, the guy's a sleazebucket. Even if his girlfriend says she's up for a real life version of Indecent Proposal (at least Demi's body went for $1 million). Can you imagine what this jerk would get her for Valentine's Day to make up for agreeing to pimp her out? A trip to the health clinic for an STD screening? Voluntary sterilization -- of himself -- so she doesn't risk carrying his moron spawn?

But with the price of tickets, I'm surprised we haven't heard much worse. One ticket on the league-sanctioned NFL Ticket Exchange secondary market is reportedly priced at $23,729 (it's located at the 45-yard line, nine rows up from the field). The other tickets are already twice as expensive as they were last year in Miami, and even the average crappy seat tickets are selling for $3,000 online. And of course there are the rubes paying $200 to watch the game on a big screen video board in the cold outside the stadium. (What do you mean I can't see the game? I can hear the real crowd noise!)

Do you think the stories will just get worse this weekend?


Image via jdtornow/Flickr

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