'Battlefield 3' Teaser Hints of Your Single Days to Come (VIDEO)

battlefield 3Today, gamers everywhere rejoice with the sneak peek of the intense trailer for Battlefield 3. The game and all of its explosive, destructive glory will be available for PC, XBox 360, and PS3 this fall. And although no official date had been announced, the game is available for pre-order for just $49.95.

We should be worried about this one. No, it's not totally because of the influx of violence and gunshots destined for your living room TV the second the game makes it into your home. It's because if your partner is addicted to this game, you may never see him again. Unless of course you choose to join forces.


Does suiting up as a Marine and going to task on some urban combat sound exciting to you? 

Battlefield 3: The PC version allows 64 multi-players. You know what that means? Well, in simple terms -- less quality time with your man if you're not a player. Who's to say that dinnertime with the family is going to take precedence over the 7 p.m. meet and greet with their Battlefield chums?

The game also takes players to a variety of worldly locations, including New York, Tehran, and Paris -- leaving tons of areas to be explored and, in turn, more time spent gaming. I envision it now: "Honey, want to go to Home Depot?"

"Sorry babe -- I have to secure the perimeter for the guys south of Times Square."

Take a look at today's release of the Battlefield 3 trailer here:

Do you think video games are a problem in your relationship?

Image via Electronic Arts

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