Wing Bowl 2011: The Results Are In

wingsStop your face painting and put down the Terrible Towels, Wing Bowl 2011 results are in. That's right, people, kicking off the craziness of the Super Bowl was this competition of epic -- or at least really messy -- proportions.

Wing Bowl, in its 19th season, was held this morning in Philly. Among the contenders: Bill "El Wingador" Simmons fresh from retirement, Brad "The Lunatic" Sciullo, and of course, reigning champ Jonathan "Super" Squibb

I know, all of you are waiting with bated breath, celery stick in hand. You must know. Who won?


I tell you, it was one for the ages. A real nail-biter (or should I say finger-licker). It went into overtime. But Super Squibb pulled out the victory over El Wingador by just one wing. Grand total: 255 wings. He takes home not just bragging rights but $20,000. That is approximately $78 per wing.

On hand for the festivities were pro eater Big Daddy alongside the most famous eater in the world, Kobayashi. News reports also mention a bevy of adult film actors and actresses were in attendance, even Ron Jeremy

Ahhh, nothing says the Super Bowl like porn stars and wings.

Though, as I am typing all of this, I'm a little shocked how into it I am. And I don't even like wings. I am so intrigued. I want to know if they had ranch dressing. Was the sauce spicy or mild? The mom in me hopes they had plenty of Towelettes.

Are you into competitive eating? Is it gross or fun? Is it even a sport?


Image via scaredy_kat/Flickr

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