NBA Wife Larsa Pippen Newest Real Housewife: Are We Ready for Reality B-Ball?

What do basketball and Bravo's Real Housewives of Miami now have in common? Larsa Pippen, wife of Hall of Famer/retired Bulls player Scottie Pippen, and Cristy Rice, recent ex-wife of NBA star Glen Rice. The baller wives will join four other hot mamis on the newest season of Housewives, premiering February 22. 

Sports fans, take note: Even if you don't give a flying stiletto about this ongoing catfight-laden reality show, this might be the season you start paying attention. Why? Well, in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we saw BOATLOADS of drama go down with another wife-of-a-celebrity: Camille Grammer. Her divorce from Kelsey actually began to play out in front of the reality cams, and Frasier fans who tuned in will never be the same! Similarly, many a celeb who has enjoyed time in the limelight, before moving on to do reality TV, has fallen from grace. (Jessica Simpson? The Gosselins?)


Is it possible these rules of the reality TV show game could apply to Scottie?

Despite my zero interest in basketball (true story), once upon a time, I cared quite a bit about the at-one-time-victorious Chicago Bulls. See, I grew up in Chi-Town, and it was like a pre-req as a 10-year-old to be enamored of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

Chicagoans like me might remember Scottie fondly, but who knows what skeletons in the closet will emerge once we start watching his post-NBA life play out on reality TV? It seems like anyone who signs their life away to reality show cameras is asking for trouble ...

Actually, Scottie seemed to realize that ... initially. Apparently, the "fiercely private" Mr. Pippen was not on board with having his life aired on national TV. But he must really love his wifey, because he finally buckled and gave her the green light to do the show.

Seriously, I wish nothing but the best for the Pippens. I hope what we end up seeing is one really happy b-ballin' family, and all the loca is left to the five other wives' lives. But, if there's anything to be learned from Bravo, it's that we'll have to wait and "Watch What Happens."


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