The Oregon Trail Will Be More Addicting Than FarmVille

oregon trail facebookIf you thought time travel was impossible, think again. Thanks to Facebook, The Oregon Trail is beckoning us for the first time in decades. The game has graphics better than anything else of its kind. And I'll bet you all my oxen that it will be 10 times more addicting than FarmVille.

Oh come on, doesn't the action of thieves stealing your oxen at all hours of the night, the possibility of catching cholera, and losing a wagon axle while attempting to ford the river sound more incredible than some mooing and clucking animal game?


On The Oregon Trail ...

You get to shoot things: Well call me Ranger and give me a shiny new pistol! For a lady who's a bit scared to ever actually shoot a real gun, The Oregon Trail is my perfect sanity. Had a rough day at the office? Well simply log on to Facebook and go hunt a few bison! It's just so much more appealing than harvesting corn on the farm, isn't it?

You get to spend money with purpose: Sure, we've heard about people going in to debt over a FarmVille game. But, there's no ACTUAL reason to spend money when it comes to cultivating your crops. In The Oregon Trail, you're nowhere if you don't have stamina (or energy) to continue your journey. So naturally, when stamina runs out, you and your wagon are immobile. Stamina can be recharged by waiting, but who wants to do that when you can just buy it with real money? Whipping out your favorite Visa ensures the addict uninterrupted playing time for hours.

A better soundtrack: Every time I hear the FarmVille music, I want to throw the computer across the room. The tunes on the trail are much more relaxing and enjoyable. Not to mention, there aren't any quacking ducks or mooing cows. And if there are, at least I could hunt them!

Will you be playing The Oregon Trail on Facebook?

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