iPad 2 Will Have a Camera & More!

ipadIf you're an early adopter, you're not gonna like what I have to say. You know that iPad you bought last summer? Haha! It's gonna be put to shame by the iPad 2. I told you to wait for the second generation but nooo, you haaad to haaave it. Sucker.

There have been rumblings that the iPad 2 will have a forward and rear facing 3-megapixel camera. If you want to take a picture of your face, then take a picture of your friend's face, you won't even have to turn your iPad 2 around. How's that for technology?

Rumor has it that the iPad 2 will also have some other really cool features. If I didn't just crush your spirit with the camera addition, check these out.


Like things that aren't too heavy? Me too. The iPad 2 will be lighter and thinner than his older brother, iPad.

Like uploading and downloading pictures and music? Me too. The iPad 2 will have a mini USB port.

Like FaceTime video chat? Me neither. So we're not that psyched about this addition. Who needs it? It's annoying.

Like that retina display on your iPhone 4? ME TOO. It's so clear! It's also so tricky! We, as in humans with eyes, can't see the pixels!! The iPad 2 will have the same display. A wow.

The second coming of the iPad will likely be around the holidays 2011, or just after. You can still enjoy that lame cool iPad you have for now, but in a few short months, you'll be putting yourself on the wait-list for his younger, cooler brother, iPad 2. In the meantime, get your mug camera-ready and smile!

Are you pissed you didn't wait for the iPad 2? You should be.

Photo via meedanphotos/Flickr

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