Lil' Wayne 'Green & Yellow' Starts Battle of the Super Bowl Songs

Lil WayneSports is no fun without a little bit of rivalry, right? Though I'll admit I don't care at all about the outcome of Sunday's big game (guilty). But I am into the Super Bowl song rivalry Lil' Wayne has started with his new track "Green and Yellow."

The song, which uses the exact same beats as rapper Wiz Khalifa's homage to his hometown of Pittsburgh, "Black and Yellow," gives something for Green Bay Packer fans to rally behind. Khalifa's version has been everywhere lately, so it's natural for 28-year-old Lil' Wayne to hop on his coattails and get a following of his own, no?

The only difference between the two songs? Khalifa actually grew up in Pittsburgh and has always been a die-hard Steelers fan. Weezy, news flash: You're from New Orleans.


OK, so Lil' Wayne is a huge Green Bay fan. The rapper, recently released from jail, isn't the first person to riff off Khalifa's chart-topping hit. The Game released a remix dubbed "Purp and Yellow," featuring YM and Snoop Dogg; Paypa recorded "Black and Red" for the Chicago Bulls; and last but not least -- Fabolous released "White and Navy" to honor the New York Yankees.

I'll leave it up to you: Which artist represents his Super Bowl pick better?

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