Syracuse Point-Shaving Rumors Don't Hamper Orange Hoops Team

jim boeheimThere was a huge sigh of relief from my 'Cuse-lovin' husband at the other end of my couch as Syracuse (finally) won a game, beating UConn 66-58 and putting an end to its four-game losing streak.

Not only did this win prevent many fans from really freaking out, but it put the kibosh on a possible five-game losing streak, which would have been the longest in 'Cuse Coach Jim Boeheim's 35-year career.

What made the difference?


Defense, according to Boeheim. They kept UConn's Kemba Walker in check, allowing him only 8 points. Also a good show from freshman backup center Baye Moussa Keita helped put this game in Syracuse's W column.

What may have put some fire into their shoes was the rampant -- and now proven false -- rumors of point-shaving by some of the Orange players. Point-shaving, where players purposely throw the score of a game to help those betting with a point spread. We are talking uber-illegal actions. Big no-no with a capital N. 

So, some dude posts a false rumor that Scoop Jardine and other players were being investigated on these type of allegations. All totally made up, but picked up by a reporter, who then posted it on Facebook. And that, kids, is how a rumor gets started. 

Sure, it was retracted and the guy apologized, but Scoop Jardine was definitely distracted during the game. And pissed. I would be too.

Just imagine what last night's score would have been if that rumor hadn't been blowing around.


Image via Briles Takes Pictures.../Flickr

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