Justin Bieber Playing in NBA Game -- Careful, Biebs!

justin bieberWhen are boys supposed to start growing into men? I'm serious. Justin Bieber is 16 years old and is 5'5". That sounds short. Which is kind of why I'm excited that the Biebs will be playing in this year's NBA All-Star Celeb game. He's going to embarrass himself.

On February 18 in Los Angeles, Bieber, along with other celebrities like Jason Alexander, Rob Kardashian, Ty Burrell, Zachary Levi, and Common, will play alongside NBA greats like Scottie Pippen, Bill Walton, and Magic Johnson.

There's a lot that could go wrong for Justin in this game. What if he gets elbowed in the throat? What if he slips and breaks his back? What if his hair gets ... messed up? Let's take a look at all the glorious horrible things that could take down the world's biggest star.

  1. Given his diminutive stature (he's like, 1.5 feet shorter than NBAers), players may accidentally step on him. Is the Biebs cute with a footprint on his face? Methinks not.
  2. His jersey could rip, revealing horrifying teen bacne.
  3. While riding the shoulders of Magic Johnson, Biebs could try to dunk the ball, only to get his head stuck in the net, leaving him dangling there 'til Magic decides to help him down.
  4. Selena Gomez, seeing her boy in action, could just up and leave. I wouldn't have to ask why.
  5. His wig could fly off.

If you can't wait to see Canada's greatest gift to America in action on the court, don't worry -- his new movie, Never Say Never, comes out February 11.

What do you think will happen to Justin Bieber during the game?

Photo via jake.auzzie/Flickr

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