Rick DiPietro & Brent Johnson Fight: Why Ladies Love Hockey (VIDEO)

Rick DiPietro Brent Johnson fightIf you're a hockey fan, you probably hate the old "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out" joke. But watching New York Islanders goaltender Rick DiPietro and the Penguins' goalie, Brent Johnson, go at it on the ice last night reminded me exactly why I think more ladies need to give hockey a try

DiPietro gave the Pens' Matt Cooke a shove to the chest as he skated by around the end of last night's game. While eyes were on the downed Cooke, Johnson came charging out of the net, shucking his gloves to meet DiPietro at the blue line, and have it out in a rare goalie-on-goalie brawl. It was awesome!


Wasn't that beautiful? One punch. TKO!

I'm not a violent person by nature. I don't spank my kid. I don't hit my husband. But I love a good clean fight as much as I love a spectacular crash in NASCAR. Some would describe it as the "girly way" of watching sports. Ironic, isn't it? We're called the "more gentle" sex, but we like our sports bloody.

I'm going to admit it. At the only hockey game I've seen in the flesh (well, in an arena, the chill in the air kept all flesh covered up, thank you very much), I couldn't wait for my first fight. The back and forth of the regular play has a beautiful rhythm to it, but after awhile, too much of that rhythm puts me to sleep. Swish, swish. Swish, swish. Pass. Swish, swish. Swish, swish.

When it finally happened, the competitive part of me kicked in. I picked my favorite, and I backed him until the end. OK, maybe I do have a teeny tiny violent streak. I studied karate in high school. But I only used it in self defense! And no matter how hard the most complicated sports rules are (Why do they have to vary from high school to college to the pros? Seriously, that's just cruel to a newlywed getting her first SportsCenter fix!), you know the rules of a fight. Pick one guy, hope he knocks the other one out.

The way I see it, the fights snap me back into the real world, get my heart racing, and make me excited once again to be watching a hockey game! And when you've got a 3-0 game involving the Islanders of all teams (I'm betraying my preference for the Rangers, I know, but come on ... can you blame me?), you need a little boost of energy to keep you feeling like there's even a game going on.

It may not make you a diehard fan, but it will broaden your TV-watching options when there's nothing good on cable. So what do you say? Willing to give hockey a try? The Islanders could use some fans. 


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