Is 'Angry Birds' Super Bowl Secret Overkill?

You might not be, but you know who is ready for the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day? Angry Birds. The Birds are joining forces with 20th Century Fox to promote a movie called Rio. An ad for the flick will air during the Super Bowl and feature everyone's favorite flock of, well, Angry Birds.

Competitive players, take note: The ad spot will feature a code that players can enter into their Angry Birds game for access to a "special" level. Ooooh -- CHALLENGE! Once you complete the level, you're automatically entered into a contest to win a trip to Rio de Janeiro to see the premiere of Rio, a film that is the inspiration behind the next version of Angry Birds, due out March 22.


Fast forward to Valentine's Day, and you can get a love-themed version of the game through Angry Birds Seasons, which is just another way those Finnish brainiacs over at Rovio Mobile (creator of Angry Birds) get ya hooked on bird-slingin'. Over the course of the year, players can download seasonal updates for the game that switch up the birdies' and piggies' look and background. For instance, I've heard that for V-Day, the pigs are placed in heart-shaped barricades, and the sky is painted in hues of sunset pink and blue. Aww, what a romantic setting to ... smash things!

The V-Day theme update will be free if you already own the app. It will also include 15 new levels and have additional bonus content. The game is expected this week for Apple products and "soon" for Androids.

I know everyone loves them some Angry Birds. (My boyfriend actually steals my iPhone and plays it in bed, in an attempt to beat another one, two, or three levels every night.) But have those people over at Rovio ever heard of too much of a good thing? Do you remember Tamagotchi toys, Pokemon? Those little buggers were over-exposed like CRAZY -- just like the Angry Birds -- and where are they now, eh?

All I'm saying is ... a Super Bowl co-promo is one thing, a Valentine's Day version another. But please, Rovio -- spare us the live action Angry Birds on Ice or Angry Birds feature film. If it doesn't just stay a fun little game, I have a feeling the trend will be a Bird that has flown.

Are you obsessed with Angry Birds?


Image via Yaniv Golan/Flickr

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