College Football Recruit Cyrus Kouandjio Is a Mama's Boy (And We Love It!)

auburn footballCyrus Kouandijo, one of the nation's top college football recruits, has taken a time-out to talk to his mom. After announcing to a national audience this morning on ESPNU that he'd decided to attend Auburn University over New Mexico, Alabama, and Iowa State, Kouandijo has yet to send the fax to Auburn with his signature on the dotted line.

That thump you just heard was Auburn coach Gene Chizik's heart falling to the floor. And those inhales? Every other coach from top college football programs across the country.

So why would Cyrus say he's going to Auburn, then put everything on hold? Because he wanted to talk to his parents, that's why.


His football coach at DeMatha High School in Hyattsville, Maryland, said he spoke to Cyrus after the ESPNU conference, and that Cyrus wasn't sure where he'd sign. Cyrus said he wanted to talk with his folks before making the final decision, either tonight or tomorrow.

This is great. It's always nice to hear when an amazing young person, who has so much talent, who has people begging for his time, who's likely been told he's nothing but the best since pee-wee league, takes a moment to remember he's still only 18 years old, and realizes that maybe Mom and Dad have some advice worth hearing.

LeBron James famously consulted his mom before deciding to head to the Miami Heat. She encouraged him to go where would make him happy, and to ignore the fear of what his Ohio fans might think. Maybe Cyrus is taking a page from superstar LeBron's book.

I admire Cyrus for delaying signing into the verbal commitment he made earlier today so that he can have some more time to review this big decision with his parents. Should this conversation been had, maybe, yesterday? Probably. But better late than never.

What do you think of Cyrus' decision to postpone his decision?

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