USC's Mitch Mustain Can Kiss the NFL Goodbye

Mitch Mustain used to be a backup quarterback on the USC Trojans. Now, it seems he might be on the fast track to Nowheresville after being arrested on suspicion of selling prescription narcotics online. The 22-year-old was booked on $30,000 bail.

Ok, let's take a deep breath and think about this for a moment. I can imagine more than a few guys would give their left eye to become a backup quarterback for one of the top college football teams. That opportunity could likely lay the foundation for a pro football career, right? Especially if you start in place of an injured QB against Notre Dame, as Mustain did last year ...


In fact, although his eligibility with the Trojans ended in 2010, he had supposedly been preparing for the March "pro day" workout in front of NFL scouts. He was on his way to being considered for some multimillion-dollar contract.

But then, he decided to throw all of that potential opportunity away, because ... he wanted to sell oxycotin to teenagers on Facebook??? (Not that we know he was really using Facebook, but you know what I mean.)

The reality is, the public has the same expectations for talented (or even semi-talented) college athletes as they do pro athletes or celebrities. If they're living some form of the American dream in front of the country, then we expect them to be upstanding citizens. Golden boys. But they're not necessarily ever either of those things. This kid's just some 22-year-old who, in 2005, was named USA Today's high school offensive player of the year. A kid who went 8-0 as a starter for Arkansas, before transferring to USC in 2007.

Maybe he legitimately needed the cash, or he was chasing the thrill of online drug-dealing. I don't know. I don't really care either. It's just pathetic to see someone potentially risk something so rare by doing something so stupid. Mitch Mustain, you're a moron. If it really was all about the Benjamins, you should have just made like most recent college grads who can't find jobs these days -- and moved back in with your parents!

What do you think about Mitch Mustain's arrest?


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