National Signing Day Gives College Football Fans & Moms the Jitters

college football playerYeah, sure, that groundhog and his shadow-sighting (or lack thereof) are big news. But for college football fans across the country, no rodent can compete with National Signing Day.

Whether you yell "Go Blue" on Saturdays or have Husker Pride bumper stickers, whether your conference is the Big 10 or the SEC, your 2011 college football season highs and lows depend on what some 17- and 18-year-old guys are telling colleges today.

Talk about pressure. Talk about anxiety. Talk about fingernail-biting decisions. Not for the kids, mind you. Not the fans, per se. Who is most nervous today? The moms.


Sure, talking with some college football fanatics, today is huge. You are gunning for your team to recruit a great freshman class, one full of players that will kick off a streak of many winning seasons. Anxious and nervous, yes, but fans are just bystanders.

Now, on the other hand, the mamas are in the thick of it. They are making calls, getting the kids to fax machines, helping to make this happen for their boys. Mix in the crappiest weather in recent history bombarding most of the country, and you've got yourself a stressful situation of epic proportions for Mom.

I was nervous just mailing in the deposit for preschool for my then-2-year-old. I can't even wrap my brain around how these moms are dealing with this. Where your boy goes to play college football can determine whether they eventually make it to the NFL. Do you take off work for this day? Do you buy a fax machine for your home just in case the one at Kinko's is broken?

Good luck to everyone on this National Signing Day -- but especially to you moms.

Are you a college football fan -- or mom of a player?

Image via avinashkunnath/Flickr

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