Hiybbprqag Was Google Weapon That Caught Bing

pageant queenIn what seems like something straight out of a Michael Crichton crime drama about technology titans, Google has accused Bing of copying and using Google's search results. The search-term bait that Google used, hiybbprqag, had both no meaning and no results on either search engine, until that is, Google decided to place some honey pots in the mix.

In an article released yesterday, Google alleges that Bing has been spying (electronically) using either the Internet Explorer toolbar or Bing search toolbar to see what people are searching for on Google and what they click on.

This is starting to sound a little techy. Let's break it down using something we can all relate to ... the contest for high school prom queen.


Miss Google is the prettiest girl at school. She's super popular and everyone just loves her. She even gives out free lunches and gym memberships! Miss Bing is also attractive, but more like a seven out of ten. She just got her braces off and is really excited that people are starting to notice her. But it's not enough -- Miss Bing wants more.

The two find themselves in the race for Prom Queen and OMG, Miss Bing is freaking out. What an honor! She steals money from her mom's purse and buys a pink Jessica McClintock dress at the mall and can't wait for the big night. Miss Google, not surprised by her nomination and confident she'll win, is making out with her boyfriend at a college party. But she's no fool. She knows Bing is desperate enough to try something nutty. She can sense it.

As Miss Bing is walking down the hall the next day, Mr. Internet approaches her. "Psst. Hey. Bing. Over here. I got something to show you." Miss Bing, thrilled to talk to this hot guy, follows him to that small hall behind the gym.

"So, Miss Bing. Wanna see who's voting for Miss Google? Once you know, you could like, approach them and make them switch their vote." Miss Bing is psyched. This is her chance! Mr. Internet reveals that apparently, this family of octuplets in the senior class, the Hiybbprqag clan, has voted a million times for Miss Google.

Miss Bing, surprised she's never heard of the Hiybbprqag family, knows what she has to do. She puts posters all over school asking for the Hiybbprqag family to vote for her instead.

A ha! Miss Google, knowing that Miss Bing was using Mr. Internet as a source for data, made up the Hiybbprqag family! They don't exist! Miss Bing is totally busted for stealing info that Miss Google and Mr. Internet made up to catch her in the act.

Miss Google wins the crown, and Miss Bing denies she did anything wrong. What's so wrong in talking to Mr. Internet? Is she not allowed to? Does Miss Google own Mr. Internet?! I don't think so!

So there you have it. Two pretty girls fighting it out to be the belle of the ball. Miss Bing has denied to comment, and Miss Google may just be doing all this to get more publicity. Who knows. There is certainly more to come.

Who do you side with, Miss Google or Miss Bing?

Photo via Michi Moore Images/Flickr

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