Thunder Star Kevin Durant Needs Trash Talk Lessons (VIDEO)

Kevin DurantKevin Durant has gone and done it. The NBA's Mr. Nice Guy insulted Chris Bosh and half the basketball world after the Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the Miami Heat, and now he's got the whole world coming down on his shoulders. So with the heat turned his way, Durant had to screw up royally, right?

Drop an F-bomb on the air kind of screw up? Go after Bosh's mama with a fat joke kind of screw up? Nope and nope. Instead Durant went and called Bosh and other unspecified members of the NBA "fake tough guys." Take a look:


Oh nos! Durant used clean language! He made a cultural commentary on the world of sports. He might have successfully coined the least offensive affront in the history of professional sports. What a ... nice guy?

Frankly, my 5-year-old told me I was the "worst Mommy in the world" last week. I think she could house Durant on the insult squad any day of the week with some of the other not nice words she's learned on the school bus. So I find it hard to believe Durant's words have earned him names like "badass for a day" and have sports writers questioning whether his nice guy act is all a front.

If Durant wants to shed his nice guy image, he's going to need to take a crash course in trash-talking. So we've come up with a few pointers, courtesy of his fellow sports stars:

1. Curse. A Lot. Man to Learn From: Jets' cornerback Antonio Cromartie, who went on a curse-filled rant against Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady last month that included both the "f-bomb" and the word "a--hole."

2. Find a health issue in their life. Insult them. Man to Learn From: Kevin Garnett, who insulted bald competitor Charlie Villanueva, who suffers from alopecia, by referring to him as a "cancer patient."

3. Get cute. Man to Learn From: Patriots' star Wes Welker, whose foot jokes sprinkled throughout a press conference were a decidedly unsubtle way of getting under Jets' Coach Rex Ryan's skin.

4. Stick to the game. Man to Learn From: Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest got into a verbal battle on the court, but it helped Kobe's game. He went on to score 13 points in the third quarter and 18 in the fourth, securing a Lakers win. The Thunder could have used some scoring like that this week. 

Was this "insult" really that big a deal?


Image via Getty Images/Ronald Martinez/Staff

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