Super Bowl Imports 10,000 Strippers to Keep Fans Happy

super bowl stripperEverything’s bigger in Texas -- including the number of strippers needed to meet the demand over Super Bowl weekend. Oh, you thought there were enough strippers in the Lone Star State? Or maybe you were actually naive enough to believe that people wanted to watch a football game, not naked women?

Think again.

Strip clubs in Texas are saying they need an additional 10,000 women to meet the demands of the overwhelming crowds expected for the big game. Ten. Thousand. That’s more strippers than the population of the last town I lived in.


Here’s the math. There are supposed to be roughly 300,000 people visiting Arlington over the weekend. The clubs want roughly an additional 120 extra strippers per week for that magic total of 10,000 extra women. This, of course, doesn’t count the number of strippers already in residence.

You'll be relieved to know, though, that they aren’t hiring just any old girl who walks in off the street. You’ll be getting high quality strippers for your Super Bowl money.

Seriously though, how gross is this?! I’ve got nothing against strippers -- they deserve the same amount of respect as any other woman (we’ll save the fact that they are constantly denigrated for another day). Nope, this disrespect is all about the thousands of slobbering dudes who make it necessary for a town to import sex workers.

Are we to believe that all sporting events are just giant dens of iniquity? The players themselves are famous for hiring strippers, hitting the clubs, and yep -- cheating on their wives. Super Bowls in particular are already famous for being ground zero for prostitution and sex work. Have these events just become one big excuse to throw all your morals out the window? To go wild and crazy with the guys (and you can’t tell me all the guys hitting the clubs are just carefree and single)?

What do you think about Texas bringing in strippers to support the Super Bowl? What does this say about the state of sports today?

Image via Boris Von Hoytema/Flickr

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