Troy Polamalu vs. Clay Matthews: Battle for Best ... Hair?

polamaluTroy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers was just named the Associated Press NFL Defensive Player of the Year. While I don't really care about that, I do care that he'll be playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday against the guy who came in second for the honor, Green Bay Packers linebacker, Clay Matthews. Drama!

Troy and Clay compete on so many levels, on and off the field. Come to think of it, it's a shame that they're never actually on the same field at the same time (seeing as they both play defense); I'd kinda like to see these two hunks go at it.

But since we can't see them duke it out, let's do a little side by side comparison to see who'd win, shall we? Starting with their hair.


Who's got the better 'do? Troy's hair is insured for $1 million and is sponsored by Head 'n Shoulders. But Clay just got a deal with Suave to endorse their new men's line. Take a look at these tresses:

Troy Polamalu

Troy Polamalu

Clay Matthews
Clay Matthews

Who's got more fans? Well if Facebook has anything to say about it, Troy is way more popular than Clay. Not only does Troy have a Fan Page and Clay doesn't, but Troy's got 996,753 fans! Clay has 10,933 likes on a profile titled "Clay Matthews III is Beast." Well that's awkward. But they're closer in Google search results: Troy has 1.4 million and Clay's got 1.2 million.

And well, if we're looking at stats, Clay Matthews had 54 solo tackles, six assisted tackles, 13.5 sacks, and one interception returned for a touchdown. On the other hand, Polamalu had 49 solo tackles, 14 assisted tackles, one sack, and seven interceptions with one returned for a touchdown. Let's just do some simple addition and add their numbers up to find out the who has the highest. Clay has 74.5; Troy's got 71. Interesting!

If only considering hair, fans, and stats ... who will perform better in the Super Bowl, Troy Polamalu or Clay Matthews?

From top to bottom, photos via daveynin/Flickr, Geoff Burke/Getty, and Ronald Martinez/Getty

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