Airport Gets Virtual Security Agents?! (VIDEO)

holly If you're going to London anytime soon, you have something more to look forward to than just the accents and the scones. As of today, London's Luton Airport employs two state-of-the-art, holographic security agents named Holly and Graham. They're always cheerful, informative, and never skip a beat. Unless, of course, there's a blip in the reel.

Holly and Graham are holograms (get it?) or, rather, holographic ambassadors -- they're each a sheet of glass shaped like a human body with a projection beamed onto them.

They're there to tell you to throw out your liquids, take off your shoes, and that your purse doesn't need a bin, it can go straight onto the conveyor belt, thank you! The virtual pair will be polite, courteous, and will relay a consistent message. Seeing as they're computers, they won't be affected by emotions that sometimes influence the behavior of an actual human official.

What is this, Tomorrowland?


Are there going to be misters in the line during summer months and digital signs sharing the estimated wait time? Because that would be nice, too. While this all seems very futuristic, I think the concept is right on time.

Manchester's airport has introduced the same technology -- their hologram agents are named Julie and John. No word yet when or if Holly, Graham, Julie, or John will find work in the States, but I'm hopeful they'll cross the pond soon. 

The hologram agents aren't going to replace human employees, says Luton's Glyn Jones, they're just going to help the security agents do their job by communicating in an even and pleasant manner. And who could ignore Holly or Graham? They'd catch my eye and I'd listen.

Below is a video of what I like to think is Holly's audition tape.

Do you think virtual agents will improve the experience in airport security lines?

Photo via You Tube

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