Lap Dances at Lacrosse Games? Bring 'Em On (VIDEO)

lap dance Boston BlazersYou've heard the joke that you go to a fight and a hockey game breaks out. Well how about going to a lacrosse game ... and a lap dance breaks out? Not exactly what you expected?

Add yourself to the folks who showed up at the "family-friendly" Boston Blazers game this week. They all got an eyeful of ladies from the crowd piling onto the field to shake their booties on the lap of Blazers' mascot Scorch during the halftime show. And here's where it all gets ho hum, and completely "expected."

Now Beantown is up in arms, the team is giving out 2,000 "OMG, I'm sorry" tickets to families, and horndogs who never even knew there was a National Lacrosse League are scurrying to find the closest lacrosse game. Oh America, so predictable. A little skin, a little pseudo sex, and everyone's crying and asking for freebies.


But let's be realistic here. No one took their clothes off. No one was forced to participate (every "dancer" was a volunteer), and in the world of professional sports, we see a lot worse -- usually on TV in our own living rooms, with our kids cuddled up beside us watching the "family entertainment."

They're called cheerleaders. They wear skimpy outfits. Skimpier than anything in this video dubbed the "most distasteful halftime show ever."

Stupid? Yes. Degrading to women in general? Most definitely. But "most distasteful EVER"? Not really. Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl still holds that dubious title. And let's not forget the most hyped family entertainment opportunity this past weekend was the Jets vs. Patriots divisional playoff match-up featuring none other than these ladies:

New England Patriots cheerleaders

That's a picture of the New England Patriots cheerleaders from earlier in the season, at a game in a warmer clime. And that's a fair amount of skin on display, wouldn't you say? That's exactly the amount of skin you'd get to see if you were watching at home on your big screen TV with your kids. More than you can see on those ladies dancing on the Blazers' mascot from way up in the nosebleed seats?

And how about a look-see at the typical Boston Blazers entertainment? They have their own dance team, and yup, they're fond of displaying the decolletage:

Boston Blazers Dance TEam

Blazers President Doug Reffue may be spending the rest of the season throwing out his apologies to the fans. But what, exactly, did those fans expect?

Images via YouTube; Getty Images/Elsa/Staff; Facebook

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