Mac App Store: An Apple Addict's Dream Come True

Hallelujah! Finally, a place to satisfy my online shopping cravings without leaving the house or worrying about fit. That place: The Mac App Store. The store opened this morning, enabling thousands of true Mac fanatics (and the wannabes) to access thousands of applications, without leaving the house.

And the best part? Well -- there are a few. No more excess packaging, no more buying application bundles with programs you don't need, and of course -- there are even a few cheaper prices!

So, what are the apps worth jumping on? And how do you get into the App Store? Here's a run down:


First things first, to access the App Store, you need to have the Snow Leopard operating system update (version 10.6.6) installed on your Mac. I will say that this system update hasn't come up automatically on my MacBook Pro just yet, so go into your Apple menu, click "Check for new software," and give your device the primping it deserves.

Once you've done the update, the store's all yours. After downloading your favorite apps, the software will launch as separate applications -- complete with update notifications and the general universal installation process we've seen from Day 1.

My favorites so far:

Yummysoup ($15): Welcome to every foodie's ideal recipe application. With just a few clicks I can download recipes from tons of websites and share them with my friends. As a food blogger and organizational fiend, this seems like a great platform for me to get my act together and say goodbye to my mess of a printed out recipe binder under my kitchen cabinet.

GarageBand '11 ($14.99): OK, so I got this when I bought the iLife bundle. But it's important to note that all components to iLife (iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand) are sold on the App Store for just $14.99. That means that you save $5 or so when you buy them seperately here. GarageBand puts music making at your fingertips -- and you don't have to be a mini-Mozart to make a masterpiece. Choose from 20 new guitar and piano lessons to take at home, on your couch, in front of your Mac. For $15, that sounds like a good deal to me.

RubiTrack ($14.99): Looking for a way to log and track your workouts? Look no further than RubiTrack, an activity tracker and exercise journal. The perfect way to keep track of that New Year's Resolution, the app can read tracks from a variety of different GPS-enabled devices, analyze the data, and then provide accurate summations of your workouts. Talk about kicking your workout up a few notches.

Sure, we're not seeing every application ever available just yet. But with these great prices and the easy accessibility, I'm sure the numbers will skyrocket soon enough. For now, browse around and enjoy an easier way of buying applications without changing out of your pajamas or stepping foot into an Apple store.

What do you think? Will you be using the new Mac App Store?

Images via Engadget, Facebook, Facebook, RubiTrack

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