iPhone Alarm Glitch -- Even 'Steve Jobs' Is Tweeting Jokes!

iphoneHappy New Year's present to you from Apple! One (or three) extra hours of sleep this morning for all iPhone users!

I'm happy to say it wasn't my own ineptitude this morning when I looked at the clock and discovered it was 45 minutes after my scheduled wake up time and my little Mirimba jingle on my iPhone alarm still had not summoned me.

Happy now ... but not then, as I -- in this exact order -- suffered a panic attack, woke the kids in record speed, shoved half-cooked pancakes onto their plates, showered myself good enough, and bolted out the door without makeup or gloves in 20-degree weather. I'm pretty sure I forgot to brush my teeth and go pee, but at least I got to work on time and no accidents!

Many people didn't, yet they still found the minutes somewhere to bust on Apple on Twitter. Some are even referring to this catastrophe as Y2K11. You may not be laughing, but Steve Jobs is. Okay not the real Jobs, but his parody. And he's having his own field day with this on Twitter:


"Apple Stores will open on a two-hour delay tomorrow to let employees sleep in. this is in no way related to the iPhone alarm clock glitch."

"Sorry about the iPhone alarm glitch. We had absolutely no way to prepare for 2011."

"Time to wake up. Due to a software glitch, please use this tweet in place of your iPhone this morning."

And his most recent ...

steve jobs iphone glitch tweet

I'm sure the real Steve Jobs is thinking something else right now, but how great if he were really joking with us like this? I mean, we drones had been warned. This problem happened in England and New Zealand when those countries switched to daylight savings time late last year -- something in the phones failed to kick in. And the alarms haven't been working since Saturday, January 1, 2011, so some people already discovered this and made a back-up plan -- though what non-working people set an alarm for New Year's weekend?

Although the glitch in the iPhone alarm system does not affect every iPhone, it seems as though it is causing problems for owners of the iPhone 4 and most earlier models that have had software upgrades performed. You know like the great new one you just got for Christmas.

Apple was aware of the problem all weekend, and promised it would be fixed come Monday. I guess their clocks at headquarters weren't working too good either. I'm sure it will be worked out soon, but in the meantime, here are your three options for not getting fired tomorrow:

1. Set your iPhone alarm as recurring. The problem is just with the one-time alarms; the recurring alarm feature works fine. So tonight set yours for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday -- and hope that it will be fixed by then.

2. Download more reliable alarm apps. Here are five to try, including Hard Awakening, Relax Alarm Clock Pro, and Atomic Clock. Judging by the names alone, you will be awoken.

3. Trade in your iPhone. Get a phone that has a more reliable alarm, like the Droid or a new BlackBerry ... nah.

Just get a different job.

Did your iPhone alarm fail you this morning?


Top Image via Apple

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