Google Doodle Decoded: What the 17 Boxes Mean

Google LogoIf you've clicked on the Google homepage and been confused by the Google Doodle, welcome to the club! The Google logo is more like 17 doodles today, and we're embarrassed to say just how long we took trying to figure it out. Is it an advent calendar? Some mathematical version of the letters G, o, o, g, l, e?

Fortunately, we were already on the Google homepage. So after clicking on all 17 and being taken to search results from "Indian Dance Style" to "Up on the Housetop," we gave up the ghost and got all 17 boxes decoded!


We used the magic of Google for what it's there for. We searched for it (so you don't have to oh The Stir reader -- yes, Merry Christmas from us).

It's a holiday card from Google to you! Yes, holiday card, not Christmas card -- hence the inclusion of Moroccan lamps, the Great Wall of China, and plenty of non-Christian imagery. The folks at Google told the Wall Street Journal the images are meant to "approximate the logo's letters and colors."

The actual images equate to: 1. St. Basil’s Cathedral 2. Acropolis 3. Buche de Noel 4. pierogi 5. Great Wall of China 6. Mt. Fuji 7. Indian dance styles 8. Sahara desert 9. chili pepper 10. oud 11. Sydney Harbour 12. Venice gondolas 13. Nepal 14. Chilean vineyards 15. African kanga 16. Henna lamp 17. Up on the housetop.

Now that we've got that figured out, we're even more convinced that the Google Doodle is part and parcel of the Google genius. They get us on the site, then they actually make us use it to decode the meaning of their doodles. It gets them the oh-so-important "clicks" that websites crave to bring back to advertisers, and it hooks users to use it again and again.

Did you spend time ogling the Google doodle today?


Image via Google

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