Qualcomm Stadium Flooding: Poinsettia Bowl With Life Preservers

Qualcomm StadiumThere's nothing like a field under 10 inches of muddy water to derail your college bowl plans. Qualcomm Stadium, where the Poinsettia Bowl is set to take place between San Diego State and Navy, has been the victim of days of heavy rain, which may delay tonight's game, scheduled to start at 8 p.m. EST.

This could be the week's most exciting contest, provided the players and coaches won't have to use snorkels. Ten inches of water is a hell of a lot of water — and the 5-year-old bowl is expecting over 50,000 fans! And, oh, the poor players ... who kind of hilariously have had to resort to practicing in hotel ballrooms on Tuesday. Yup, ballrooms. Should the Navy + water jokes commence now?


Executive Director Bruce Binkowski said on Wednesday:

We have every intention of kicking off at 5:06 p.m. [PST] The stadium grounds crew work will work round the clock to make sure they get in the game.

Even though many of the events surrounding this matchup have been called off, of all bowls to watch this week, this one could be fun to see. Imagine all these players trying to muck around chasing a ball in the mud (though the midshipmen are probably a little more used to it). It'll be like old-school football movies, you know, ones with a cheesy, typical scene where all the players get disgusting and gross in a muddy, lumpy field and laugh and grunt and thump their chests because, hey, they're men and they're dirty and they LIKE it.

So to get your college bowl fix before the "real" bowls start, be sure to tune in tonight and find out with the rest of us if the crews were able to clean up the field in time. Football games in crappy weather are definitely the most entertaining to watch!

Which bowls will you be watching this year? Will you tune in tonight to see Navy take on San Diego State?

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