Candice Crawford Continues the Curse of Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys

Tony RomoDear Candice Crawford,

As an avid NFL football fan, I think it's safe to say that, unless you're from Dallas or engaged to Tony Romo, it's pretty easy to hate the Dallas Cowboys. I just want you to be aware of what you are getting yourself into! They are the Yankees of football. A lot of people love them -- but even more hate them!

You know, Candice, you are going to get blamed for every wrong move the Cowboys, and Tony, make.

Like their unfortunate loss from October's Monday Night Football game and Tony Romo's injury from that same night. You were dating him then, weren't you?

And you do remember their 2008 season, right? When Romo's ex Jessica Simpson was pretty much blamed for every single loss? Prepare yourself, honey, because it's going to be all about you now -- and it will likely be a rough ride!


It's been tough for Tony, enjoying many highs but dealing with the lowest of lows. And blaming you for his woes just isn't fair; though, there could be something to those concerns. I know you don't want to, but let's take a look back at Romo's other exes and how they (might have) affected his play.

When your man was dating Carrie Underwood back in in 2007 (they were off and on, but still, she was a part of his life), Romo had his infamous botched snap as Dallas tried to win the game. Well, they lost, and that's what actually drove legendary coach Bill Parcells to retirement.

Then of course you remember Jessica, aka "Yoko Romo." She was flat-out blamed for Cowboys losses, and you might have to deal with fans' superstitions just as she did. Romo couldn't get to the Super Bowl while dating Jessica, and last season blew a big playoff game while dating you.

And now Romo's got a broken left clavicle and hasn't played since October. The 4-9 Cowboys won't be going to any Super Bowls this season. Is this something Cowboys fans will blame you for? It's totally irrational and illogical, but yes, they definitely can and most likely will.

So Candice, here it is ... We like seeing the Cowboys lose, so just keep doing whatever you've been doing. And good luck to you -- with all those crazy Cowboys fans and your new fiance's uncanny knack for blowing big games, you're gonna need it.


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