8 Tech-Savvy Ways to Track Your Resolutions

ChampagneIt's easy to make New Year's resolutions, but keeping them is the hard part. Never fear, there's an app for that!

In our technologically advanced age, you can use the fact that you carry your cell phone around with you 24/7 and are likely sitting in front of a computer during most of the day to your advantage. Some of the perks include constant reminders, cutting-edge technology, and can't-get-away-from-it accessibility.

Presenting our list of the most commonly made New Year's vows, and the technology that can actually help you achieve them:


The resolution: "I'm going to lose 15 pounds."

The solution: Lose It! app (LoseIt.com; free)

For iPhone users, the free Lose It! app is an extremely easy way to keep track of your calorie intake and how much you exercise. On the homepage, it claims that the average Lose It! user loses 12.3 pounds! The maker is also working on bringing the app to the Droid, according to its Facebook page. You can make a custom calorie budget, keep track of nutrients, set up goals and reminders, and see how many calories you've burned. If you're looking for a similar app for the Droid, check out MyFitnessPal, which is free and has many of the same features (the BlackBerry version is coming soon!).

The resolution: "I'm going to pay off that credit card bill."

The solution: Mint.com (Mint.com; free)

If you're at your computer most of the day and are making a resolution to keep better track of your money, make it a resolution to visit Mint.com at least once a day. You can easily track savings goals, create budgets, learn where your money is going each month through categories you can set up, and be notified of upcoming bills or if balances are too low. Best of all: It's completely secure and completely free!

The resolution: "I want to be more educated."

The solution: Kindle (Amazon.com; from $139)

The best way to become smarter is to stimulate your brain, which is difficult to do if your job is mindless and the thought of going back to school overwhelms you. To help you start firing those synapses, invest in a Kindle or other e-reader. Reading in general helps, but instead of buying chick lit or mindless thrillers, look for books (which is so easy to do on the Kindle, giving you up-to-date reviews and helpful suggestions) that actually make you think about different issues or imagine different worlds. It could help renew your love of reading.

The resolution: "I want a new job."

The solution: Indeed.com and Linkedin.com apps (Indeed.com, LinkedIn.com; free)

Indeed.com, one of the best job search sites on the web, is free on iPhone and Droid. You can search for jobs, save searches, and email job postings. LinkedIn.com, the most popular way to keep track of professional contacts, has free apps for iPhone, Droid, and BlackBerry. These are incredibly helpful for when you're searching for a job on the go and need to have your contacts ready at a moment's notice.

The resolution: "I need to sleep better."

The solution: Sleep Cycle app (Apple.com; $0.99)

If you have an iPhone, download the Sleep Cycle app. This app uses the accelerometer in your iPhone to monitor your movement while you're sleeping. It then figures out your sleep cycles after you use it for a few nights. About 30 minutes before your alarm is set to go off, the app can watch for the lightest portions of cycle and then gently awakens you with your choice of sound.

The resolution: "I want to go on vacation."

The solution: Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera (Walmart.com; $99)

To get you excited about being able to record every memorable moment on your next vacation, invest in a brand-new digital camera. Check out the Nikon Coolpix S3000 12 MP Digital Camera. This sleek point-and-shoot camera is affordable, durable, small, and easy to use -- perfect to tote around on your next international adventure.

The resolution: "I want to give back."

The solution: CauseWorld app (CauseWorld.com; free)

Shoppers can now give to charity without actually giving any money. Check-in applications like Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, and Facebook Places are partnering with companies so that, if you check into a place, the company will donate to a charity through "karmas" you earn. The app is free to download on iPhone and Droid, and check out the site to see which causes and sponsors are participating, as well as track the activity of all other CauseWorld users. There's no easier way to start donating!

The resolution: "I need to organize my life."

The solution: Remember the Milk app (RemembertheMilk.com; free)

For those of you who always forget the milk when you go to the store, the appropriately named Remember the Milk app and website allow you to manage your tasks quickly and easily wherever you are. You can sign up on their website, link it up to your Gmail account, and download apps to your iPhone and Droid -- it's all for free (you have to be a pro user to sync to your BlackBerry). You'll be instantly reminded of tasks through your phone, plan out your day, and set priorities. Absolutely a must-have for any list-lover or one who needs to make lots of lists to be able to get through the next year.

How could you use technology to fulfill your New Year's resolutions?


Image via idovermani/Flickr

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