Kik Messenger -- I Know You're Ignoring Me!

KiKYou may have heard about a new messenger service from your tech-savvy friends called Kik. Just in case you weren't already completely wired at all times to your friends via Facebook updates, Foursquare check-ins, and text messaging, now your buds can message you and know the second that you've received their note.

Crap. There goes the "I never got your text" excuse.


Kik Messenger is very similar to the BlackBerry Messenger, but unites all smartphones: iPhone, iPod, Droid, and BlackBerry. Ah, at last, we're all connected in harmony.

The free real-time app is supposedly the next big way people will communicate with each other, but call me old-fashioned, I'm not too keen on people knowing exactly when I read their messages. For some reason, to me, that steps a tad over the privacy boundary. Hello, I'd like to maintain the ability to use the overdone excuse of my phone messing up and not receiving texts. In fact, one of my girlfriends got into a huge fight with her boyfriend because he saw that she had read his message on BlackBerry Messenger, but didn't respond. Yikes. Who wants that kind of pressure?

I will say that it is super fast -- must faster than a text. It's basically a regular instant message, but you don't have to have the app open to receive them; a notification will pop up onto your screen when someone has sent you a note. And don't you dare ignore it -- because they will know.

Good ol' social networking ... making it impossible to ignore folks.

Are you on Kik? What do you think of this messenger?


Image via Brittny Drye

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