Brett Favre Pictures: Whose Reputation Is Really Ruined?

Brett FavreBrett Favre is apologizing to his Vikings teammates for the distraction of his alleged penis pictures scandal in the wake of the team's loss to the Jets, but the one who deserves the apology is Jenn Sterger.

First up: it's time for the media to hand out a mea culpa.

Oh how quickly they've forgotten Ines Sainz.


Remember the reporter at the Jets game who was slut-shamed for daring to have sexy photos of herself taken? And still expected to be treated like a professional in the locker room?

Sterger was working as a gameday host for the Jets when Favre allegedly began his harassment. So how does the media represent her? A taste:

  • From Fox31: "Favre allegedly sent the messages to Jenn Sterger, a Maxim and Playboy model, while they both worked for the New York Jets."
  • From Ravayu: "Jenn Sterger, a Maxim and Playboy model, has not actually accused him of sending the inappropriate pictures via text message."
  • From the San Diego Entertainer Magazine: "Brett Favre, the all-star quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, has recently been alleged of acts of sexual harassment towards Jenn Sterger, sideline reporter and former Playboy model."

Get it? She's sexy.

And she's been getting sexts sent to her cell phone from a famous football player.

So famous that he's going to be reported on. And read about.

Jenn Sterger Brett FavreEven if he's sexting an elephant, Favre is going to attract attention. They'll write about if he farts in the State of Wisconsin.

But the insinuation is clear: Sterger has posed nude, so she's open to being sexually harassed. Whose reputation is getting slammed here?

It's pretty easy to come up with a description of Sterger without once making reference to her sexual background. Just check her own website:

Jennifer Sterger is an actress, model, writer, and television host. Her most recent film, Don't Fade Away, debuted at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. As a model, Jennifer has appeared in several major campaigns, including her role as the only female ambassador for Dr. Pepper in both the US and International markets.

Sterger is a victim here. Let's remember that.


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