Facebook Down! Head for the Hills ... Or Twitter

Facebook is down! Facebook is down! Must update status. Must tell the world.

Wait a minute. I can't update my status because, duh, Facebook is DOWN! Must employ emergency measures ...

Step one: Grab your valuables. 

Step two: Get in the car. 

Step three: Run for cover.

Actually ... all I need to do is log in to Twitter!


Mashable has it confirmed. The social networking giant Facebook is (or at least was at the time of this posting) officially down. So what's the public's first reaction? Head to Twitter, of course.

Check out 20 of our favorite tweets from the Facebook-deprived:

@GR33NIE: Facebook down, the end of the world must be near.

@emilio_delgado: With Facebook down I have figured out the last digit of pi

@Danilic: Zuckerberg shuts down Facebook and suicide rates of Farmville Farmers skyrocket. 

@joeschmitt: Either Facebook is down or Mark Zuckerberg just set everything to PRIVATE.

@bxchenFacebook went down after a girl agreed to go on a date with me. It's an omen. #dyingalone

@mikeoncrime: Somewhere in the world, a person is probably calling 911 right now to report Facebook being down.

@MealsAndMiles: Wahhh .... How am I supposed to talk to my Mom if Facebook is down?

@emscapt28: Well, will we see a baby boom next june with facebook being down?

@broadwaybabytoFacebook goes down just before The Social Network premieres. Come to your own conclusions...

@Lord_Voldemort7: I shut down facebook. That'll teach The Social Network for trying to steal attention from the Deathly Hallows Trailer. Take that, Zuckerberg.

@MMS: Facebook down and now Twitter is over capacity. #Apocalypse

@Learningtech‎Facebook Goes Down; Students Tear Out Hair, Cry, Actually Begin To Do Some Little Homework.

@Gotosleep: Facebook is down. So, I printed out some photos & glued them to my bedroom wall. Have marker if anyone wants to come over & leave comments. 

@johnjac: Facebook is down, Your plants are dying in Farmville right now.

@kathrynlopez I think facebook going down is part of Obama's effort to jump-start the economy.

@ChrisVillani44 Someone still cares about the Red Sox? Does he know Facebook is down? 

@SocialMedia411: Facebook is indeed down. A perfect example of why putting all your eggs in to one (Fb) basket isn't a good idea.

@alqaeda: #facebook is down. Not sure if we did that, but we should claim credit anyway. Hitting the infidels where it hurts, etc.

@jareddiamond: Facebook goes down. The world continues to spin.

@ProgressMichFacebook down. Millions friendless.

Did you even know Facebook was down?

Photo via Facebook

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