NFL Football: A Gal's Guide to What Your Guy Is Watching

Drew Brees
How can you not love it?
You may be groaning into your martini every weekend this fall pretending to like football.

Well, get ready ladies -- tonight marks the official start of the 2010 NFL season.

Don't resent your significant other's love of his favorite sport; embrace it. If you find the game too confusing, then check out our guide on the players and teams to watch.

There's delicious drama going around in the league and a few loud-mouthed, crime-prone, spotlight-loving players that will keep you entertained all season long.

And if the knowledge we impart upon you doesn't help with your interest, just stare at the hot sweaty sexy men tackling each other in their tight pants.




Most of the players you've probably heard of are quarterbacks. But there are other players to keep an eye and ear out for. Here are just a couple:

Tom Brady: Quarterback for the New England Patriots. You most likely know more about his personal life than his football skills. And you probably like looking at him more than anything. That's probably all you need to know about him.

Terrell Owens & Chad Ochocinco: If only I were making up the latter's last name. These two, some of the biggest personalities in the NFL (that's putting it mildly), have found themselves on the same team this year, the Cincinnati Bengals. You oughta tune in just to see what kind of shenanigans they will come up with.

Brett Favre: QB for the Minnesota Vikings, he used to be the guy everyone loved. Now he's the guy everyone loves to hate, leaving behind the Green Bay Packers, where he was practically a god, to become QB for the Packers' arch rivals, the Vikings. After tearfully announcing his retirement 800 times, he just kept coming back. Again. And again. And again.

Miles Austin: Wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys ... err, I mean, this is the dude dating Kim Kardashian.

Reggie Bush: Running back for the Super Bowl Champions, the New Orleans Saints, this guy may be pretty to look at, but he was just stripped of his Heisman Trophy, the first player ever that has happened to. Oh yeah, he also used to date Kim Kardashian.

Ben Roethlisberger: Yep, I'm a Steelers fan, so news of QB Big Ben's off-field woes hit home for me. Twice accused of sexual assault (but never formally charged), he's been suspended for the first four games of the season. With backup QB Byron Leftwich out with a knee injury, the Steelers will have to turn to young Dennis Dixon to lead the offense. How he'll do is anyone's guess.



These teams are expected to perform admirably this season. Of course, football is always unpredictable (part of what makes it fun to watch -- there are no Yankees in this league). So take it with a grain of salt.

Indianapolis Colts: You can never discount a team led by Peyton Manning. You've probably seen him in more commercials than football games, though.

New Orleans Saints: Hey, they won last year. And not much has changed since then. But repeating is never an easy feat.

Balitmore Ravens: Great quarterback, tough defense, hard-nose attitude. And they wear purple, so they have a lot to prove.

New England Patriots: Blah blah Tom Brady blah blah.

Green Bay Packers: They're a young team that has a lot of talent (and rubbing a Super Bowl win in Brett Favre's face is probably what they dream about at night). Their defense has been weak-looking as of late, but if they address those issues, they could become the team to beat.



Bill Belichick: I know, Spygate happened three years ago (where the Patriots were accused of videotaping coaches' signals). But he's just so easy not to like. He wears hoodies with the sleeves cut off, and sometimes it's worth watching the Patriots just to see what he does to opposing coaches when they have to shake hands at the end of the game.

Eric Mangini: This guy, the coach of the Cleveland Browns, apparently fined a player $1,701 for failing to pay for a bottle of water at a hotel. It then took him forever to choose a starting quarterback last season, never letting the team adjust to his constantly changing mind. Ah, so that's why they went 5-11. Don't expect much more for this season.

Wade Phillips: I just don't know if this guy has what it takes to lead a team like the Dallas Cowboys. His team seems to choke when it counts and he adds players with too big egos, ignoring the effect it'd have on the others. No Super Bowl probably means he'll be done as head coach.

Jack Del Rio: It's been an ongoing joke that the Jacksonville Jaguars can't even get enough people to fill half their stadium on game day. Del Rio seems to have made this team worse, and should probably be worried if he can't win any games (or win over any fans) this season.



Your significant other will be impressed that you know who's actually playing tonight. The Minnesota Vikings, with drama-filled Brett Favre, will take on the New Orleans Saints, with drama-filled Reggie Bush and adorable Drew Brees (that's him in the photo). Both are good teams with a chance to make it to the Super Bowl. It'll be exciting to watch, trust me.

You never know ... you could be happily donning your jersey, tattooing your favorite team's logo onto your forehead, spilling beer onto said jersey, and yelling out expletives and waving your arms around in no time. Come on, how can you not love football?


Are you excited for the 2010 NFL season? Do you have a favorite team?

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