Starbucks on BlackBerry: There's an App for That Now

Starbucks App for BlackberryIf you've been jealously coveting a mobile Starbucks app for your BlackBerry as you watch all the lucky iPhone and iPad users pay for the lattes and do other cool things you can't, fear not. The Starbucks Card Mobile App for BlackBerry was introduced today.

What's that? You've never heard of the Starbucks mobile app or seen anyone use it on an iPhone or otherwise?

Yeah me either, and I both use an iPhone and spend at least two or three days a week working from various Starbucks locations. So I wonder why there's so little buzz about this app that supposedly makes it easier to get your caffeine buzz.


The apps for all three devices are pretty much the same and require a Starbucks card. Once you download one of the free apps, you can then check your card balance, add more money to your account, find stores and check your rewards status.

The really cool feature -- the ability to pay for your purchase with your phone -- is pretty limited right now, however. It only works in Starbucks that are located inside Target stores and a few regular Starbucks stores in Seattle and Silicon Valley.

While the rewards card is nice theory, I've never signed up for one even with as much coffee as I drink. It's just one more card in my already overstuffed wallet; and I always forget to use things like that. So until they can get it all on my iPhone for all the locations I frequent, then I won't be rushing to download an app.

But if you frequent one of the chosen stores regularly and have a Blackberry then perhaps this is great news for you.

If not, then I guess it's nice to think that perhaps Starbucks and other restaurants will expand the abilities of such apps and make spending our hard-earned dollars all that much easier, no wallet required.

Do you use one of the Starbucks mobile apps? Will you?

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