Who Ate My iPhone? 4 Crazy Food iPhone Covers

japanese food iphone coverOh my god! Who spilled noodles on my iPhone?!?

Just kidding. You know that fake plastic food you see in Japanese restaurant display cases? Well, the same craftsmanship is being used to make Japanese food-themed iPhone covers.

You can also get them in rice or egg and bacon! You want one, right? No?

Okay, well what about these other food-themed iPhone covers?




chocoate phoneFor the chocoholics, there's the iPhone chocolate bar case by Curiousitie. Hmm, I don't know. I picture myself having a Homer Simpson moment and eating the whole thing, phone and all. Mmmm, chocolate telecommunications ... maybe you have more self control.





pocky iphoneHow about chocolate and Japanese in the form of Pocky? That felt looks so cozy.






waffle iphoneOr, if you like to talk and eat breakfast, there's the Good Morning to Waffles iPhone case. Maybe not a good idea to leave this one within your toddler's reach.










cupcake iphoneCoolBeans seems to offer the most food-themed iPhone covers, with this cupcake cover as well as a bento box, toaster pastry, jelly beans, and -- oh you knew it was coming, right? -- bacon.







Seriously, whatever you need there's an app for that. And whatever food you crave there's an iPhone case for that! Totally rethinking my boring, unappetizing black case now.

What kind of food would you like covering your iPhone?


Images via Strapya World, Curiositie, yummypocket/etsy, summergerine/etsy, CoolBeans717/etsy

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