Want Hotter Sex? There's an iPhone App for That

None of us iPhone users were particularly surprised by the news yesterday that users of this particular smartphone see more action in the sack.


Because my sex life has markedly changed (read: improved) since the advent of the iPhone, even though I'd never really noticed it till now.

While my reasons probably could apply to any phone, I can't deny the way my family's dual iPhones have improved our sex life. Here are a few:


1. Sexy photos

This one is a fairly obvious one, but once both my husband and I had a good camera phone and email capabilities, it greatly increased the number of sexy photos that flew back and forth between us. It's very easy to snap one on the go and send it to the hubs while he was in a meeting. Sometimes we even practice this in different rooms of our house to really tease each other before meeting in the bedroom.

2. Racy texts

I never texted before I had my iPhone. My old phone was too clunky and I never got the hang of the keyboard, but now with my iPhone: Whoa nelly! My husband and I send sexy texts all day and it has markedly improved the likelihood of us getting it on within moments of his arrival home after work.

3. Fast access to web porn

Porn is a big thing with my hubs, so it's pretty nice when we're driving along to be able to whip out the phone and call up something I know will help get him in the mood.

4. Easy mapping for date nights

A few months ago, my husband and I were on a date night and we had no idea what to do after dinner. Armed with an iPhone, we were able to find a few sexy options, including the burlesque revue we ended up attending. Without the iPhone? We would have seen a movie.

5. Pandora's music for mood setting

Since we have children, my husband and I are often stuck getting it on in strange places, so the Pandora app has been a nice way to have a soundtrack for our off-the-beaten path interludes. My husband's "Delta Blues" station almost always makes me want to jump on his lap.

In what ways has your smartphone improved your sex life?


Image via Gonzalo Baeza Hernández/Flickr

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