Quit Facebook Day Flop, Google Quits Windows: Tech Talk

Photo from Amazon
Technology moves faster than a shredder eats those old floppy disks, so we catch you up with what's happening in tech talk:

  • Windows 7 was apparently not Google's idea of a worthwhile operating system. Google has ceased use of the Microsoft product in favor of something Linux-based. Company sources told the Financial Times it's based on security concerns -- heightened by the China hacking attacks. Think there might be a bit of rivalry going on here too? BING!
  • The efforts to get oversharers to stop updating the world on their children's bowel movements have failed. Quit Facebook Day was a flop. According to The Register, just 34,100 people said they were going to kick the habit. That's out of 450 million users worldwide. Quick, hit the share button below.
  • The iPad is officially the most popular tech gadget of 2010. Even though you don't have one. And neither does anyone you know. The folks at Apple have projected 7.6 million of the pricey tablets will sell this year. No word on how many Bill Gates will be hoarding.

Are you following in any of these footsteps?


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