iPad Installed in Your Kitchen: 8 Reasons You Need One

Not sold on the iPad yet? Well, this video of an iPad installed in a kitchen cabinet, via Alltop, has piqued my interest, indeed. Look at all the ways you can use an iPad in the kitchen alone!


Inspired by ideas in this video, here are eight ways the iPad can function in your kitchen:

  1. Listen to your favorite music playlists while you make dinner.
  2. Watch the news or sports or catch up on your favorite shows while preparing for a dinner party or cleaning.
  3. Browse today's headlines or your email while waiting for the water to boil.
  4. Keep your younger kids occupied and in your sight with a movie while you clean out that hideous nook under the kitchen sink.
  5. Pull up your favorite recipes (no more wasting paper every time you want a recipe).
  6. Learn how to make a new dish hands-on while watching a celebrity chef's "how-to" tutorial.
  7. Consult and/or edit the family calendar with the push of a touchscreen.
  8. Put up a pretty and peaceful screensaver (fish tank?) or a family photo slideshow when your iPad's not in use.

And, of course, the way this iPad is installed, it looks easily removable for times you want to take it on the go or use it as an iBook reader.

How could you use the iPad in your kitchen?

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