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    If you ever skip the gym to stay home and sip red wine instead, you can stop feeling guilty.

    In case you missed it, a 2012 study by researchers at the University of Alberta which is making the rounds again indicates that red wine, nuts, and grapes may be just as good for you. Say what?

    The trio boasts a complex called resveratrol, which aids bone, muscle and heart functions in the same way a vigorous workout does.

    That's music to my ears. If you're like me, you're probably thinking, "Pass the corkscrew and cashews!"

    But not so fast. Although resveratrol, commonly found in red wine, served as an antioxidant when tested on rodents, there's more work to be done before doctors put down their prescription pads and send you to the wine cellar instead of the pharmacy. 

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    Christmas is yet another holiday that has us talking about food -- though this time we're not talking about what you're serving for dinner. Instead, we're talking about all of the mouthwatering foods you can give as gifts for the holiday. You can give a box of French almond macaroons (Gourmet Food Store, $18.25) to your friend with a sweet tooth or a gift set of bottled coffees to the caffeine lover in your life. Foods are great and easy gifts because you can find something delicious to cater to each person's taste.

    Over on The Prowl, we've rounded up fancy foods that make the tastiest gifts. Below you'll find a preview of our finds, then head to The Prowl to see the rest.

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    As if we already didn't think that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have the golden touch, their latest accomplishment certainly confirms it. The Hollywood power couple got into the wine biz a couple years ago and their vino was just named the World's Best Rose Wine.

    Considering that the first 6,000 bottles of their Cotes de Provence Rose Miraval (made from the vineyards at their French chateau) sold out in just five hours when they were released last year, it must be good. Not all A-list vintners can say that. Last year, The Stir conducted a celeb wine taste-test and some of them were downright disgusting. (Sorry Madonna!) Though can’t say I’m surprised about Brangelina's success. Everything they do is top notch. In fact, here is a list of other food and beverage items they should consider selling:

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    It's no secret that many cat owners treat their kitties like members of the royal family. And who wouldn't admit to liking their pets even more than certain cousins? Well now, thanks to a Japanese company called B&H Life, there's no reason you can't let your little fur baby ring in the good times same as any other festive human might -- with a little vino. That's right, you can now pour your kitty a goblet of red cat wine called Nyan Nyan Nouveau whenever you, or your best friend, has had a rough day. 

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    A mom-to-be in the U.K. is all bent out of shape because a bartender refused to serve her a glass of wine, you know -- because she happened to be wearing a big ol' baby bump as an accessory that evening.

    Jane Hampson says she felt "outraged and embarrassed" after she and her partner stopped at a local bar after a walk. The bartender told her he could not serve her a small glass of red wine because he didn't want the act of serving a pregnant woman alcohol on his conscience.

    She and her partner promptly left the place and went to another bar where she got her red wine fix without a problem -- but she's still pretty pissed.

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    12 Reasons Why Wine Is Better Than Men

    posted by Adriana Velez September 9, 2013 at 6:33 PM in Food & Party
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    Today in Offensive Restaurant Sign News, we have this gem from Draft Barn in Brooklyn, NY. The bar posted a sign listing 12 reasons "Why Beer Is Better Than Woman." The reasons range from "Beer is always wet" to "You always know you are the first one to pop a beer." Oh, there's also "You don't have to wash beer before it tastes good," which is not even remotely offensive or misogynist. And there's the misspelled "Frigit [sic] beer is good beer." Aww, bless your heart, Draft Barn.

    Just to show we can take a joke, we've compiled a little list of our own: Why Wine Is Better Than Men. Don't worry, this goes down smoothly, too.

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    Just yesterday I was analyzing the not so subtle differences between date night before kids and date night after, when it dawned on me that I spend most should be "date nights" with my children anyway.

    Yep, my Saturday nights are more Carnival than candlelit, more pizza than pizzazz, more cartoons than concerts. Have you ditched ambiance for arcades? If the Then vs. Now below sounds familiar -- the answer is a resounding yes:

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    You'd think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would have their hands full with their six kids, filming, directing, and producing films, being charitable all over the globe, and perhaps even planning their much-anticipated wedding. But no! The Hollywood power couple somehow found the time to create their own wine, named after their estate in southwestern France, Miraval. People reports the first wine -- a 2012 vintage pink rosé -- be released to the thirsty masses beginning March 15! So soon!

    While it seems somewhat out of character for these two to get into celebrity retail of any sort, maybe it's not that crazy. After all, Miraval, which they've owned since 2008, does boast vineyards on the property.

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    It's safe to say that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie might soon take over the world (and I'm not just talking about their humongous, ever-growing brood). Now they're about to invade your kitchen ... and local bar. Yep, the twosome are coming out with their own brand of wine, produced by their French estate, Chateau Miraval. Releasing your own wine from your very own French estate? Must be nice.

    The wine is actually a rosé. It was formerly called "Pink Floyd" but is now being re-branded as "Miraval." Guess "Pink Floyd" was a little too low-class for the Jolie-Pitts? Or maybe they'd need the branding rights from the band?

    Anyway, the biggest, most thought-provoking question that one must ask oneself in order to continue on with one's life: Would you try it?

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    For some celebs, acting and singing just isn't enough. A surprising number of stars are trying their hand at winemaking. So we put vino by a few favorites -- Madonna, Dave Matthews, Drew Barrymore, and Antonio Banderas -- to the test. We asked CafeMom staffers to critique aroma, flavor, how it felt going down, and whether they would actually serve it. To make sure there was no bias, none of our expert tasters knew who made what. You won't believe which wine was voted "most sexy" and which one was so despised, "I'd only give it to hated in-laws or as a hostess gift -- if I never wanted another invite!" Check it out.

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