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    There are a few very important things that we think of when we think about weddings. We think of love, we think of dresses, we think of parties, and we definitely all think about cake. A cake, most of us would agree, is central to a wedding. The image of the newly wedded couple slicing the cake together, of feeding it to each other, those are hallmarks of a wedding.

    People will oooh and ahhhh over how a cake tastes. Women will even take pieces home and sleep with them under a pillow in the hopes of dreaming of their own future spouse. You want your cake to be memorable. You want your cake to be delicious. But in a sea of wedding cake options, everything can start to look the same. So how do you make yours stand out from the crowd?

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    Anyone who has ever been married or has had the honor of being part of a bridal party knows the bride isn't the only one who gets stressed out before the big day -- just ask Micaela Harris. The bride-to-be's sister got into a heated argument with the baker who was providing a cake for Micaela's engagement party. Instead of chalking it up to party preparation jitters, the New Zealand baker decided to have the last laugh -- on the poor, innocent bride -- by delivering a grotesque cake that you have to see to believe (note: that adorable cake in the photo to the left is so not it).

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    Whether you've been the bride, groom, in the bridal party, or a guest at a wedding, you likely have a crazy story or two involving wedding food. It's one of the priciest aspects, and yet, it seems like -- either as a result of the number of people at any given event, human error, or personal taste -- something is pretty much guaranteed to go wrong with the dinner, the cake, the dessert, or all of the above.

    From biting into styrofoam to bugs on a wedding cake, we've compiled 10 wedding food horror stories sure to make you laugh and cringe ...

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    A quirky couple in Texas recently tied the knot, and to say their wedding cake was unusual would be putting it mildly. Natalie of Sideserf Cake Studio wanted something extra special and unique for her own ceremony, and by golly, she achieved it.

    She says that the wedding cake was inspired by a “conglomeration of my husband's love for horror movies, the Halloween season, and the venue which was a very unique type of movie theater (Alamo Drafthouse Ritz).”

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    Brides are often accused of picky, neurotic, and diva behavior, but as a recent one myself, I'm here to say that sometimes, they have every right to lose their minds. Take, for instance, what happened to one U.K. bride named Celia, who plainly requested of her wedding cake baker a black wedding cake that resembled three stacked tires. (See example photo to the left.) Now, I'm sure the design wouldn't be many brides' cup of tea, but no matter. There was obviously special significance behind the vehicle-inspired cake for the happy couple. Or maybe I shouldn't say happy, because when they saw how their cake turned out, they were anything but!

    The bride was so annoyed, in fact, that she posted the cake on eBay, in what appeared to be an attempt to sell it ... Though what she was really doing was jokingly "cake-shaming" the baker.

    Check out the ugly, totally off-base cake ...

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    When it comes to dining out or ordering food, ignorance is probably bliss. We're likely all better off not knowing about any lack of sanitation behind the scenes. But every now and then, a total nightmare hits the news, and we have no choice but to face the facts: There are some very dirty, disgusting food establishments out there. Ugh. Warning: Do NOT proceed if your stomach is easily turned!

    The chef at a wedding cake shop called Bake & Cake told inspectors that mouse droppings found in his ingredients were actually chocolate sprinkles, according to a court report. Ewwwwww! Apparently, the filthy basement of the central London bakery was covered in "rodent mess alongside discarded food, piles of sawdust, and filthy machinery," the Daily Mail reports. And when an inspector found icing for cakes was "embedded" with mouse droppings, the chef said it was chocolate vermicelli used to decorate cakes and buns. What the ...?!?

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    Designing a special occasion cake, it turns out, is a very personal experience. My fiance and I did our wedding cake tasting with two sets of parents, and although we listened to their feedback, in the end, we went with what we both loved the most. For us, that's going to be a gold-sequined, overflowing champagne-inspired cake. For others, it might be a cake with blood, guts, and zombies. Hey, to each their own.

    This week, Reddit user mikemchenry posted a photo of the Walking Dead-inspired cake served at a wedding he attended last weekend. The zombies you see here are made out of Play-Doh. "Best part was, one broke and fell off the side of the cake, but the character's arm was still hanging from where it was supposed to be anchored. Everyone was like, well, it's a zombie, I guess it's okay that its body is falling apart..." Haa!

    If this kind of cake is your thing, you're in luck. There are a lot more cakes -- wedding and otherwise -- along the same lines ...

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    First, we learned all the happy, glossy details about Ashley and J.P.'s December 1 wedding. And that was fun. Now, the news we really want to hear -- about what it was actually like at The Bachelorette couple's "I do"s -- is trickling out, and let's just say the night did NOT go off without a hitch.

    One of the biggest snafus: Once ABC stopped filming the couple's wedding at 8 p.m., the open bar closedThe New York Daily News reports. "ABC would only pay for the part they were filming. As the night went on, and production stopped, so did the open bar," says a source. And apparently there had been no post-filming plan for the newlyweds to start picking up the drink tab. Wuhoh ... Thus, guests were suddenly confronted with a cash bar, and they were LIVID. Well ... can you blame 'em?!

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    Even though I'll admit I'd given plenty of thought to my wedding well before getting engaged this past spring, I never really thought too too much about the wedding cake. (I know, ironic, being that I'm a total foodie!) All I knew was I wanted a buttercream cake, because in my opinion, fondant isn't nearly as heavenly.

    Now that my fiance and I are actually planning and we'll soon be "saying yes" to The Cake, I've been looking at designs, and sheeeze, wedding cakes really are an incredible artform all their own! Well, guess that's because it is, literally, the pièce de résistance of the Big Day. Here, extravagant, eye candy-tastic wedding cakes -- like this whimsical "Vintage Bird" wedding cake by Colorado-based cake designer and owner of Intricate Icing Designs, Rachael Teufel -- you're sure to drool over ...  

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    Oh for the love of Adam and Steve! A restaurant in an uber-gay neighborhood in Manhattan supposedly backed out of catering a gay wedding because catering the gays is "bad feng shui." Barrett Greene and Thomas Eng planned to have their rehearsal dinner at Amber Village and then have the restaurant cater their wedding reception. All seemed fine until the manager they were working with said they might have to move the event to a sister restaurant.

    Okay, no problem, the couple rolled with it. But then allegedly the senior manager put the kibosh on the wedding -- and fired the manager who planned it! Not only that, he never returned Barrett and Thomas' $750 deposit. And worst of all, the senior manager supposedly said a big group of gay parties would be "bad feng shui" for the restaurant. WHAT?

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