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    Just because you're cooking from scratch doesn't mean you want to spend all day in the kitchen. And just because your food is fast doesn't mean it's junky. That's because you've learned how to cook the smart and efficient way. And that's why you'll love this fresh batch of 8 super smart kitchen hacks. Learn how to defrost meat in a hurry and pit cherries the easy way -- just for starters!

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    I'll admit, the mason jar trend has gone way too far. We're stuffing them with everything from flowers to glitter to brownie mix. But I'm not ready to toss mine out just yet, and here's why: They make gorgeous lunches. Fill one with layers of deliciously bright vegetables and suddenly that ho-hum salad is an experience for the senses. Here are 7 lunches packed in mason jars that will charm you into bringing a healthy meal to work with you every day of the week.

    The key to making this work is to put heavy, wet ingredients at the bottom, and keep the greens up at the top. Otherwise, you're limited only by your imagination and the contents of your refrigerator!

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    When macaroni and cheese is good, it's like you died and went to melted carb heaven. But when it's bad? Oh the sadness. We hate that feeling of disappointment when you've anticipated this creamy, gooey comfort food and it turns out wack. Maybe the sauce is too dry, or it melts weird, or the macaroni is so mushy, there's nothing to chew. Have these happened to you? Let's troubleshoot some of the most common mac and cheese mistakes then. Together, we will give this ultimate love-in-a-bowl every bit of cheesy goodness it deserves.



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    You can keep your wire hangers -- the one thing that triggers my inner Mommy Dearest is a messy, overflowing cabinet of plastic storage containers. NO! MORE! PLASTIC! CONTATINERS! Forget the perfectly coordinated, cute Tupperware collection -- for most of us, the dreaded plasticware cabinet is a mess of takeout cups and mismatched tubs and lids. How do you tame the madness? We've got some ideas that will let you keep storing your leftovers without losing your mind.

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    6 Ways to Save a Ruined Birthday Cake

    posted by Adriana Velez November 6, 2013 at 8:16 PM in Food & Party
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    It happens to everyone except baking superheroes. You're baking a birthday cake for your child. The stakes are high. This is the cake friends and family will gather 'round and sing your child into their next year of life on Earth. NO PRESSURE. And then: Disaster. Your cake falls. Half of it burns. It comes out weird tasting. Can this cake be saved? Most of the time it can!

    Check out the photo of this cake here created by a CafeMom member. Some may see it and think, yum, that looks like a lot of candy. Me, I saw this cake and thought wow -- that would be a brilliant way to save a cake fail! Not that this is what actually happened here -- I think this is fun cake decorating idea regardless. It's just that I'll take my inspiration wherever I can find it. So worry not -- here are six cake fails and how to fix them.

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    Harry Rosen is a 103-year-old man who probably has more than a few life secrets up his sleeve. But here's one I can really get on board with: the widower hasn't eaten a single dinner at his Manhattan apartment in years. Instead, he hops in a taxi every night and heads to one of his favorite, oh-so-not-cheap restaurants, where he examines menus with a magnifying glass, drinks chardonnay, and feasts on everything from raw fish to pureed vegetables -- which are easier for his dentures to chop. The former entrepreneur, who was married to his wife for 70 years before she passed away five years ago, says that dining is like therapy to him and he that gets energy from the experience. Amen, Harry, amen.

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    I may be just a little bit obsessed with chocolate and hazelnut spreads like Nutella. It's totally justifiable, though. Chocolate! And hazelnuts! Together! One of the all-time greatest couples ever in the history of eating. Honestly, there are days when I think to myself, "Why aren't I eating more Nutella?" (Actually, I like this other chocolate-hazelnut spread because it's made with less sugar -- but unfortunately it's not as smooth.) Anyhoo! You've probably encountered plenty of Nutella recipes in your life, so we don't have to tell you about the crepes and the cakes and the ice creams. Here are 10 other Nutella ideas you may not have already heard about. Enjoy ...

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    You know what "hangry" means, right? Hungry + angry = Give that bitch a cupcake and back away until she finishes it. (What, just me?) It's when you're so hungry it makes you cranky. And someone just went through the trouble of explaining a phenomenon the rest of us thought was fairly obvious. Professor Paul Currie says the hormone ghrelin causes anxiety that goes away when we eat. "When you're truly hungry and watching everyone else eat, you're going to get a little bit emotional and anxious. Irritable, angry certainly, and the longer you deprive, there will be an increase in emotional response." And in the time it took me to write out those sentences I could have eaten something instead. Now all I can think about is that cupcake I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph and it's making me feel... SIGH.

    Let's shift gears, shall we? Now that we know what causes hangry (duh), let's discuss the tell-tale signs of hanger.  

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    Is it too early to start talking about pumpkins? What about pumpkin seeds? Because I kind of feel like I'm seeing pumpkin seeds, also called pepitas, everywhere all of a sudden. When I was a kid we would roast them, salt them, and then crack each one out of its shell to get to that nutty center. I still remember that smell. But now it's easy to get them already toasted and shelled -- and would't you know it? Turns out pumpkin seeds also happen to be one of those superfoods we should be eating more. Delicious and nutritious? Let's find out what's really going on with pumpkin seeds!

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    You know you want to go out for dinner, that's the easy part. Now the tough questions -- where do you want to go? What are you in the mood for? And what are you going to pick once you've got a menu in hand? A person can get overwhelmed with options when it comes to going out to eat. There are so many restaurants offering so many different types of food. But if you know where you to look, you can find places that make it their mission to do one thing and do it well.

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