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    I confess, I don't bake very often. Don't get me wrong -- I love cookies, pie, cupcakes, and what-have-you. I just never want a WHOLE batch of them. I just want one little treat for me, maybe two if my son is home with me. That's all!

    So it's a darn good thing someone invented desserts in a mug. That's a dessert you cook right inside a mug or cup, usually in your microwave. And they take just a few, short minutes to make! How much do we love desserts-in-a-mug? Oh, about 13 ways, to be exact! Here are 13 of our favorite dessert-in-a-mug recipes for you to try your own sweet self. Indulgence is just a stir and a zap away ... and the kids' reaction is the icing on the cake. So to speak.

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    Any hamburger lover rejoices at the mention of Labor Day. Because obviously, the upcoming holiday traditionally means cooking up all manner of flame-grilled delights -- and then relishing in eating them. Sometimes a lot of them.

    We're getting hungry just thinking about it.

    It's really no wonder that burgers are such a no-fail crowd-pleaser, considering how they're basically a blank canvas where you can "paint on" your favorite toppings. As much as we all love the basic ketchup, lettuce, and tomato variety, you can also jazz up your classic burger just a bit with those old favorites or get creative and bold with some other, more daring customized burger toppings. No matter which you choose, they're all guaranteed to make your tastebuds sing.

    Here's the fastest way to throw together the burger of your dreams, with the perfect combo of toppings.

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    One of my family's favorite traditions is a monthly Family Movie Night complete with make-your-own pizza; each person gets to choose what they want to top their pie before it's baked.  After that, we let the kids eat in front of the TV (something I never otherwise allow!) while we watch our movie and then tuck in sleepy kids.

    Sadly, during the warmer weather we're more likely to turn towards our favorite local pizza joint than to DIY; I hate turning on the oven when the temps get high. But this recipe not only allows for individual pizzas with some of our favorite toppings and a healthy and hearty whole-wheat crust, you cook them outside, on the grill! If you've never had grilled pizza, you have to try it; it gets crisp and smoky and incredible. The bonus is super-easy cleanup and no oven heating up the house! 

    Pizza night just got more fun with individual-sized pizzas—plus they’re made completely on the grill. 

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    Potato salad is a summer classic, but let’s face the truth: by now the excitement has kind of worn off, right? There are a lot of barbecues and outdoor parties ahead, though, so you need a side dish that's flavorful, easy, and different to serve alongside whatever you're grilling. This Roasted Potato and Chorizo Salad is just the thing. Chorizo (make sure to get the Spanish slicing kind, not the Mexican loose kind) is amazing paired with roasted potatoes. Garlic, bell peppers, and paprika reinforce the Spanish flavors.

    The best part? It takes 10 minutes to prep, and once it's in the oven, you're free to turn your attention to the rest of dinner ... or, maybe, relax on the patio with a magazine and a cool drink! Use an oven bag and there's almost no cleanup, either.

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    Like many people, my family is trying to eat less meat. It's better for the planet, our bodies, and our wallets. But finding vegetarian meals that are actually healthy, delicious, and easy, not to mention appealing to everyone in the family, can be a challenge. 

    These Roasted Eggplant Subs fit the bill! The meaty texture and smoky taste of roasted eggplant paired with a bit of creamy, tangy cheese, roasted red peppers, red onion, and crispy greens will get the approval of even the most devoted meat-eaters. You can even pack these to-go on crazy weeknights when everyone is running in a different direction -- and all those healthy vegetables will boost everyone's energy for homework, practice, or whatever your evening holds!

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    When my husband and I were first dating, our favorite place to eat was a small Indian restaurant that was down the street from our college campus. Our favorite dish? Chicken masala! I've always wanted to re-create the dish in my own kitchen, not only for the taste, but also for the smell of the delicious spices and seasoning. This Grilled Masala Chicken With Vegetables recipe is easy to follow and gave me just what I was looking for. Try it for yourself here:

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    Breakfast, it's what’s for dinner. What? Did I confuse you there? All I'm saying is that when you're at a loss for what to make for supper, look no further than a few of your breakfast favorites. They are usually packed with protein and the options are endless! This recipe for Easy Mexican Breakfast Frittatas combines a hint of spice and a whole lot of flavor. Plus, it saves well for leftovers. I'm in!

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    Sometimes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a pack of fruit snacks just don't cut it. This year, as back to school approaches, think about upping your lunch game, moms. Toss aside those granola bars and take out the muffin tins and insulated lunch containers. Your kids will thank you.

    With so many new ideas and creative to-go lunch recipes to consider, now you can prepare yummy hot meals for your kids. Pack them away in Tupperware or a Thermos and know that they'll be munching on some healthy homemade meals during the school day.

    We've consulted with some of our favorite bloggers to bring you weeks' worth of lunch ideas, so start your shopping list. This year, you'll have plenty of go-to hot lunches that your kids can take to school:

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    My husband loves two things -- peanut butter and dark chocolate. I don't blame him. The sweet and salty combo is a winner. And my children go gaga for the taste as well! These Chocolate Peanut Butter Blossoms are not only easy to whip up, but the batter freezes well enough to make a second batch later on in the week. Shhh ... don't tell him, but I'm going to make him a batch of these cookies for his birthday! That is, if the kids don't get to them first. 

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    First, let me start off by saying that I am an absolute sucker for baked goods. Yes, it's a problem! And come the holidays, I'll be stuck in my kitchen doing what I do best, eating and baking. But this recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies is too good to save until winter because it combines two of my favorite treats -- cookies and brownies. Here's how you make them. 

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